Actress-Model Annie Sharma to soon make her big OTT debut on this platform; know more!

Annie Sharma

Following the stay-at-home orders, cinema halls across the world have been shut for months now. With this, the consumption of entertainment content has been moreso shifted to digital streaming platforms. This has put the film and showmakers on a treadmill to create more content of all sorts of budget for the OTT platform, also giving an opportunity for many newcomers.

It is now heard that the MX player is set to launch many shows featuring many talented newcomers. Seems like Annie Sharma, a Mumbai based Model who originally hails from Meerut is one of the leading ladies for the forthcoming shows.

In the past, Annie has worked in many small budget short films. Her work is very well appreciated and recognized for the dedication she puts in every role she plays.

Annie's modesty, personality, and most importantly, her sense of style has been talking points since her initial stage in the entertainment industry. The 25-year-old actor and the young fashionista is an absolutely perfect package deal of beauty, brains, and fashion sense. Annie is treated as a trendsetter among the young followers. Very few can carry themselves with such ease that she does. She leaves her fans awestruck by the way she proves how beautifully she can rock almost everything she is styled in.