Actress Lee Tae-im on coming back to acting 2 years after cursing controversy

Lee Tae-im returned to TV drama through the hit project "Woman of Dignity," which starred Kim Hee-sun and Kim Sun-ah.

Lee Tae-Im
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Korean actress Lee Tae-im has come back to acting after two years on hiatus following her spat with former Jewelry member and actress Kim Yewon in March 2015.

The infamous incident showed Lee Tae-im cursing at Yewon for talking to her informally on the set of "Tutoring Across Generations." Yewon called her a "crazy bitch" and apologized afterwards.

Lee Tae-im returned to TV drama through the hit project "Woman of Dignity," which starred Kim Hee-sun and Kim Sun-ah.

After the cursing controversy broke out, Lee Tae-im went on hiatus and said mulled quitting.

"Back then, I thought I should quit my job after I saw the reports coming out. But it wasn't easy for me as I'm already widely known and had to make a living," she told Ilgan Sports and Korea JoongAng Daily.

She considered "Woman of Dignity" as "my [stepping stone], and I'm delighted that the first show has really worked out well."

"Woman of Dignity" became a top-rating TV drama and she said, "I knew from the beginning that it would work."

"The script was a bit different from any other script that I had seen before. But I didn't know it would be this much of a success," she added.

In the drama, she played the role of a woman who had an affair with a married man.

"It was difficult for me to accept the idea of an affair. I told the director that I'm worried whether I would be perceived as someone brazen. Then the director told me that the affair may seem like an affair to others, but it is love for those who are in it, and if I understand that point of view, it would be easier to portray," she explained.

In real life, Lee Tae-im said, "I don't really have time to meet a man or have a chance. Also, I don't think that now is the time for me to meet someone. Now is time to work. I don't want to be tied down. I want to do what I do and have a fun life."

She said her goal right now is to become a good actress.

"I'm not good at becoming addicted to something. I don't really have a big desire for anything. I don't get greedy for food or money. The only thing I have a big desire for right now is that I need to become a great actor," she said.

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