Kim Hye Soo in 'A Special Lady'
Kim Hye Soo in 'A Special Lady' Kidari Entertainment

Award-winning Korean actress Kim Hye Soo is known for her roles in "The Thieves," "Coin Locker Girl," "Queen of the Office" and "Signal." The 47-year-old star's next project is the action noir movie "A Special Lady," which will be released in South Korea on November 9. She said she was afraid of doing action films, but the movie's storyline changed her mind.

"I am a coward who's different from the public image of me, so whenever I'd been offered an action film I always thought I could not do it," Kim said during the movie's press conference.

She added, "What I confirmed this time was that I have very good physical fitness as I expected. I felt like I was dancing, not the action that I was learned to do. I thought it could have been my last time doing a noir film but now that has changed. I want to be better prepared next time."

In the movie, she plays the role of Hyeon-jeong, the No. 2 boss in an organized criminal syndicate who aims to leave it and start a new life. Lee An-gyu, the film's director, said she thought of Kim Hye Soo first for the film. "Kim came up in my mind as the only option for the role of Hyeon-jeong," he said.

The actress lamented that there are only a few films in Korea that focus on women. "I think you'll all know the reality facing actresses. This is not a problem limited to Korea after all. There are also only a few films led by women in Hollywood and most European countries," she said.

Kim Hye Soo starred in many films and Korean dramas for which she won awards. Her first acting trophy was for the film "Ggambo" at the 23rd Baeksang Arts Awards in 1987. The following year, she won best actress at the KBS Drama Awards for "Sun Shim-yi."

She won the daesang or grand prize for "Queen of the Office" at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards and 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards.