Jeon Hye Bin
Actress Jeon Hye Bin was last seen in tvN's rom-com drama, Oh Hae Young Again Facebook

Actress Jeon Hye Bin has issued an explanation after one of her posts turned scandalous and viral. The 33-year-old reportedly received quite a backlash after she made a few uncalled for comments on her social media handle regarding the scandal involving South Korean Presidential Park Geun Hye.

On 31 October, the former idol updated her social media account with a comment reportedly pointing to Choi Soon Shil, whom Hye Bin named as the root of the scandal that roiled Korean politics.

The Gunman in Joseon actress wrote: "Is 'Woman Who Pulls a Carrier' on? Are you all angry because the country is chaotic? But it is still the last day of October so open your window for a moment and breathe in the autumn air."

However, after citing the negative response from the netizens, the actress issued a clarification at a press conference on KBS 2TV's upcoming drama Noodle House Lady. The singer-turned-actress revealed that she is being misunderstood, and the context of the comment is wrongly interpreted.

"I got scolded for posting that. I wasn't trying to make a point, but because the state of the nation isn't healthy, I wanted to say, 'Even though the country is chaotic, enjoy the last night of October.' I was trying to say do something enjoyable even if the situation is frustrating," she explained while talking to Allkpop.