Actress Bae Doo Na likes to flaunt no-makeup bare face

South Korean actress Bae Doo Na is currently seen in Nteflix's sci-fi drama Sense 8.

Director Kim Sung Hoon could not stop gushing about actress Bae Doo Na in a recent interview with Olsen. The South Korean director, who filmed the 36-year-old in the movie, The Tunnel, is bowled over actress's sense of professionalism and hard work.

In his interaction with the media outlet, Sung Hoon revealed that during the shoot of the movie, Doo Na looked more concerned for her performance, rather than looking pretty and concentrating on other make-up stuff. He said: "[Bae Doo Na] is embarrassed talking about her bare face. She says she only wore very basic makeup. There is basic makeup that is used right at the beginning and end of the movie. The kind of the plain, everyday makeup that a mother would wear. Aside from those scenes, Bae Doo Na was truly bare faced the entire time."

Elaborating further, the young director relayed: "What kind of wife would arrive at her husband's accident site with a full face of makeup on? Bae Doo Na says she just did what would be realistic. She also said she doesn't like for makeup to hide her emotions. It's not CGI. She really did appear pallid and exhausted...I was always impressed [with Bae Doo Na's performance]." Sung Hoon also expressed his disappointment over not getting a chance to film more of the pretty actress and dishing out best in her.

The Tunnel, starring actor Ha Jung Woo, Bae Doo Na and Oh Dal Su, released on August 10.