Actor Lee Wan and pro golfer Lee Bomi confirm their relationship

Actor Lee Wan
Actor Lee Wan YouTube grab

A representative of Lee Wan confirmed on November 27 that the actor and Pro Golfer Lee Bomi have been dating for nearly a year and have made their relationship official.

According to reports "Lee Wan and Lee Bomi are serious about the relationship, and both their parents have agreed to proceed further. The two are dating earnestly, but they have not set any specific marriage plans yet".

The source also quoted that the couple are both from Catholic families and have reportedly met through a priest close to them. The two have common interest in golf and have developed feelings for each other".

YG Sports, Lee Bomi's agency stated that "It is true that she is dating actor Lee Wan. They didn't meet through golf, but they are both catholic and introduced by the priest". The agency also said that though both the parents are aware of the relationship, there are no specific plans for marriage as of now.

Lee Wan is a well-known South Korean actor famous for his roles in hit dramas like "My Fair Lady", "Stairways to Heaven", "Tree of Heaven", "Our Gapsoon" and more. Though initially known for being the younger brother of actress Lee Tae- Hee, Lee Wan soon established himself as an actor.

He debuted in 2004 in "Stairways to Heaven" along with his sister Kim Tae-Hee gaining instant recognition for his work. He has also appeared in various variety shows like "Cool Kidz on the Block" and "Law of the Jungle".

Lee Bomi is a professional golfer who joined the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association in 2007. She won four events from 2009 to 2010 playing in the LPGA Korea Tour. Lee Bomi has won 19 vents in LPGA Japan Tour since 2012 and is currently competing in the LPGA Japan Tour.

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