Actor Lee Seung Gi turns news anchor for SBS Sports segment, shocks viewers (Video)

Actor Lee Seung Gi made an appearance in the '8'O Clock news segment along with sports announcer Kim Yoon Sang.

Lee Seung Gi
SBS videograb

Vagabond actor Lee Sung Gi made a sudden appearance as news anchor in the sports segment of SBS news show on March 30, shocking the viewers. Lee Seung Gi appeared for a short time on "8'Oclock News" along with sports news announcer Kim Yoon Sang. Seung Gi read out the news about baseball player Kim Sang Ho of the Lotte Giant's team.

Sang Ho was diagnosed with brain tumor in June 2018. He is back in the baseball match after a gap of two years. Lee Seung Gi and SBS's gesture of welcoming Kim Sang Ho back to the game was much appreciated by the audience.

Making the news announcement, Seung Gi said, "We have prepared a video about Lotte Giants' Kim Sang Ho, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago." In this match Kim Sang Ho hit a home run and made his re-entry worth watching and left his fans elated with joy.

Seung Gi concluded his anchoring by saying "Fighting!" and encouraging Sang Ho. He signed off by telling "I am one-day announcer Lee Seung Gi." Lee Seung Gi's appearance was kept a secret and was not published either as a teaser or a promo by the SBS.

Watch Lee Seung Gi's anchoring skills from 1.01.02 seconds in this video:

The anticipation is that SBS show is not new for Lee Seun Gi, as he is a permanent cast of SBS show Master in the House since December 31, 2017. Seung Gi's entry might be a special gesture of SBS to welcome Kim Sang Ho back into the field.

The Master in the House is a South Korean television show that airs on Sundays (at 6.20 p.m. –KST). This has been Seung Gi's fixed variety show since he discharged from military service in 2017. The show is also considered as fixed show for Shin Sung-rok who joined the crew recently after Lee Sang-yoon and Yook Sung-jae left the show in February 2020.

Lee Seung Gi along with other cast of Master of the House spends two days and one night along with celebrities from various professions. They try to get to know about the lives of these 'Masters' and present an interesting and inspiring story of their life.

Seung Gi has not announced any new project after Vagabond released in 2019. He had acted opposite Bae Suzy in the action-thriller drama.