Actor Ahmad Hussain is all set to mesmerize the audience in Dubai with his upcoming web series

Ahmad Hussain

The stories of youngsters following an off-beat path and making it big in an industry of their choice are rare. However, once we come across them, it is impossible to not be in awe of them. Ahmad Hussain was one such youngster with a dream. 8 years ago, all he had was a dream and a road ahead of him. This was an offbeat path but Ahmad took it. He was confident in his skills and carried the determination to do everything to make it come true. His determination made way for years of bewitching the audience with his wit and humor. What started as a youth obsession in the form of a TikTok account, has now translated into a full-fledged acting career. Ahmad, who is well known as S.recky will soon be seen in a web series that will be aired on one of the popular OTT platforms in Dubai.

Ahmad was born in Dubai. Growing up, he was a carefree child. He was an active participant in dramatics events at school and college levels. However, he believed in going with the flow and discovering what life had in store for him. He was confident that he didn't want to take up careers that everyone else was taking and acting had been a desire that he harbored since he was a child. When he came across TikTok, he started creating comic videos only to assess his skills and to know if he had it in him to move the crowds. When his videos started getting viral, his popularity on TikTok grew by leaps and bounds. Ahmad was elated and envisioned an acting career. "People were liking my work and I was confident that I could work hard and deliver beyond expectations'', said the 28-year-oldstar who has been making the audience laugh since 2013.

Today Ahmad has over 400k followers on TikTok and has crossed 300 million views. People love him for his sense of humor and acting skills. Now that Ahmad has unlocked an all-new milestone in his career journey, he is thankful to God and his family for always giving him the motivation to work harder. Ahmad is just a few weeks away from his birthday and thinks that this is the best birthday gift that he could have ever received. He will be seen in a lead role in the series and wishes to continue working harder to get similar projects in the future too. Ahmad believes that there are multiple ways of dealing with success, to get satisfied with it and stop working, to let it get over your head and stop working, and to work harder to reach greater heights. Ahmad says that he will choose the way of working harder to climb the success ladder.

We hope that he achieves all his dreams and wish him luck for his upcoming web series.