Action Review Roundup: Here is what critics say about Vishal and Tamannaah-starrer

Vishal and Tamannaah in Action
Vishal and Tamannaah in Action. PR Handout

Vishal Krishna and Tamannaah Bhatia's much-hyped Action has seen the light of the day on Friday, 15 November, across the globe. Billed as the high-octane espionage thriller, the trailer had drawn the viewers' attention with its breath-taking stunts, chase sequences and beautiful locales of foreign countries. Last but not the least, the glam quotient drew the eye balls of the masses.

Has the movie lived up to the expectations? The answer is here.
The story is about Colonel Subhash who is tracking down the culprits behind a deadly terror attack which killed his fiancée and brother. He is ably helped by Diya (Tamannaah) on his mission. The rest of the story is about how he finds the mastermind behind it.

The movie has opened to average reports. In fact, some critics have given thumb-down for the Tamil flick, simply because of boring narration. To begin with the positive aspects of Action, Vishal's performance and the thrilling chase sequence in London are the major highlights of it. What Audience Say about the film?

On the flip side, the bad editing, lack of emotional connect in the storyline and uninteresting portion towards the end play the spoilsport. The film does not have a strong villain which adds to its woes.

Check out the Critics' Reviews:

Times of India: Ratings: 2.5/5
While this one-line plot, which makes Subhash's mission both patriotic and personal, offers the possibility of an emotional anchor for all of the film's action scenes, sadly, the writing, which is simplistic and filled with corny dialogues, doesn't bring these emotions to the fore (unlike in the case of the recent Bollywood film War, which was also a globe-trotting action adventure involving military officers and terrorists). Read on for Full Review...

Indian Express: Ratings: 2/5
The writing is amateurish and lacks research on real-world experiences. Be it a crime lord in Istanbul or the most-wanted terrorist holed up in Pakistan, they all behave like typical Tamil villains. The bad guys lack originality, class and any purpose to be in the film other than eventually becoming a punching bag for the hero. Read on for Full Review...

The Hindustan Times: Ratings: -
Action needed to be an out-and-out action flick but by taking the commercial route, it barely stays afloat with needless sub-plots and romantic detour. It's lavishly shot and cinematographer Dudely's frames makes the visuals look grand. But nothing else really saves the film from turning out to be a mega bore. Read on for Full Review...