The Achievements and Work Abroad of JayQ The Legend


JayQ The Legend is a world-famous record producer, songwriter, record executive, keyboardist, musician, and sound engineer of Ghanian origin. Born and raised in the metropolitan of Accra and the capital of Ghana, he started his career by divulging his songs and music via radio channels.

Achievements of JayQ The Legend

The release of his Jama or Kpanlogo, introduced to the hiplife with his Bukbak's track "I'm Going to Come," allowed JayQ The Legend to gain massive and colossal fame. He started getting the recognition of avid music lovers, sound engineers, song journalists, and critics from all over the planet. With the introduction of change in hiplife, he gradually became a worldwide sensation and phenomenon.

In 2002, JayQ The Legend moved from the Virtual Sound Lab to the Hush Hush Studio, which he eventually bought in January 2012. Following this, he started winning several awards and accolades and from prestigious events, institutions, and competitions.

⦁ In 2003, he won the prize for the best recording engineer of the year in the Ghana Music Awards in Ghana.
⦁ In the following year, 2004, he secured the same award in the United Kingdom for his soundtrack "Ahomka Wo Mu" by VIP.
⦁ JayQ The Legend secured a nomination under the Best Independent Music Video for his "Body Talk Remix" in the 11th Annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards,
⦁ The Ghana Musician Association of Chicago (Ghamachi) awarded him with and as an Honorary Member.
⦁ JayQ The Legend became the resident engineer at Kingdom Studios of Chicago, owned by the President of the Ghana Music Association of Chicago, Dan Boadi.

Q-Lex Entertainment

In 2011, JayQ The Legend, with his friend, Kay Rockks, established a record and entertainment company called Q-Lex Entertainment in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. The institution seeks out talents in the field of music and nurtures their abilities and potential. The company also promotes events and produces music of different and distinct genres.

In Q-Lex Entertainment, JayQ The Legend and his staff primarily help the budding talents with their lyrics and music composition. The company discovers and sponsors all the debut recordings. Some famous artists who received guidance from here include 4x4, Castro, Dr. Doh, etc.

Currently, JayQ The Legend is the CEO of Q-Lex Entertainment and Hay-Qlex Recording Studio.

JayQ The Legend's Work Abroad

JayQ The Legend has garnered and amassed immense fame and recognition throughout the world during his career. Hence, it is no surprise that he has had the opportunity to work in foreign countries outside of Ghana. In 2003, the renowned artist recorded a few soundtracks in Gothenburg in Sweden and performed with BukBak at a world music festival there itself.

Following that, several Ghanian musicians who lived abroad sought and requested JayQ The Legend's presence and services. In 2006 and 2007, the man in question made several appearances and performances in the United Kingdom. He recorded multiple Ghanian artistes in the UK that included Deeba Mama B, Yoggi Doggi, Howls of Lords, and many more.

Word of his trips to the UK spread to the Ghanaians residing there. Also, in the summer of 2007, JayQ The Legend visited the States to record musicians.