Ace of Spades Agency: Helping Personal Brands Explode on Instagram

Jay Jay

Most of us look at social media influencers as people who just got lucky with their fame. However, social media agency owner, Jay Jay, says that's not the case.

"Most people don't just get famous out of nowhere. It takes years of posting consistently and hiring professionals to help you grow, for you to even get close to 'influencer status."

Jay Jay says this from personal experience. Having grown his YouTube channel to over 400,000 views and 57 million views, and his Instagram to one million followers, he knows the secrets when it comes to social media influence.

"Instagram influencers aren't super special people who just got lucky. Take me for example: I'm just a normal guy. I go through the same stuff everyone in life goes through, including rejection and burnout. There's a lot of work that goes into growing your influence online. I've just been in the game much longer than most. That's why I started my agency, Ace of Spades."

Jay Jay's agency helps personal brands and entrepreneurs become discovered online. "We help with follower growth, verification, strategy, press publication, and more," he shares. "So far we've helped hundreds of clients in over twelve countries get discovered online. It's really motivating when they come to me, sharing how much more money they're making now just because they were able to grow their social media, and even how much more support they're getting from their followers. It's a really great feeling to have when you know you're genuinely helping people hit their goals."

Jay Jay's goals with Ace of Spades agency is to eventually go global and have offices all around the world, helping millions of passionate entrepreneurs become successful and leave a legacy on the planet.