An ace healthcare entrepreneur scaling new heights of success: James Neilson-Watt

This true-blue professional offers innovative services to healthcare professionals and practitioners.

James Neilson-Watt

We have seen and witnessed the tremendous growth of technology and innovation in the past decade or so. With brilliant innovators always giving us new products/services, it has been easy for the customers to make use of everything at the tip of their fingers. One industry that has leap forward in humongous amounts is the healthcare industry, it has shown and promised huge growth and potential which has been beneficial to millions of patients. One amazing entrepreneur who has eased the life of many health practitioners is James Neilson-Watt, whose services and strategies have helped many practice owners and health professionals grow successful businesses helping thousands of patients.

James Neilson-Watt a passionate healthcare entrepreneur who has changed the era of Healthcare Industry with numerous clients and enhanced new life to many patients through its effective program. James started his career in healthcare as a chiropractor and he learns all ins and outs of the business and has spent two years teaching health care professionals and he is a master of online marketing programs to build efficiency in their practices. His journey in the entrepreneurial world started when he coined his firm to help healthcare professionals and practice owners take their service to the next level and enhance their visibility to a wider bandwidth of patients.

Today James Neilson-Watt is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an investor, coach & mentor to many tens of thousands of health professionals around the world. His training program "Health Business Accelerator" is a one of a kind which helps healthcare professionals garner more growth and revenue whereas his online podcast "Healthcare Business Secrets" helps them decode the secrets to success and is available on many online portals like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, etc.

James Neilson-Watt has opined 5 top recommendations for his client looking to improve life/business/ relationship:

1. Understanding the market: James says that having a deep analysis of the market is extremely crucial to make your service available to your patient. Today medical practitioners rely more on patients rather than understanding how their service will get desired results for them. Using the right strategy and marketing skills can boost their profile and efficiency.

2.Offer a premium program: James says that most health professionals misunderstand what is exactly needed by patients, so it becomes of utmost importance to get them on a program that sets the right pathway for them. Through this, the ideal patients get better compliance, better retention, and better results and so will have happier patients.

3. Prioritizing relationships with ideal clients: James says that it is important to build rapport with clients even before they are customers. This builds more trust and confidence in patients to take up our service.

4. Delegating: James feels that growing a successful business requires a team, and step one is to systemise how you run your practice so you can delegate more of what you do to those around you, freeing you up to focus your efforts on tasks in your genius. This in turn saves more time to concentrate on bigger aspects of business and doing more productive work.

James Neilson-Watt has come a long way through his innovative ways of doing business in the healthcare space. We hope there is more power to him for continuously raising the bar and bringing about a change.