As an ace e-commerce and digital marketing entrepreneur, Salman Altaf lays out marketing tips.

Salman Altaf

Of all the things that have attracted the maximum attention in the business world, the emergence of the digital world has made the most headlines. Apart from this, the rise of many young talented beings has also led digital businesses to exponential levels of success in a very short span of time. This is a great sight to behold as it motivates many other youngsters to take their small businesses much ahead of others in their niches with optimizing digital marketing and the various digital solutions that almost all businesses in the world are looking out for. A rising entrepreneur named Salman Altaf from Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, who is spearheading his e-commerce venture named Blue Cascade, says that today's business scenario is far better than what it used to be a few years ago. The rise of digital marketing and e-commerce has helped many businesses thrive and maximizing their resources and tools have helped small businesses attain big success.

Salman Altaf has come forward to share a few digital marketing tips for small businesses success.

  • Know your competitors: As a local business that is just trying to start and make its mark in the industry must first know who their competitors are. Businesses must search what they are doing, how they are doing it and how they have positioned themselves within their ads. A simple search on Google can help them know all this.
  • Create a robust website: Customers also believe in going with a 'vibe'. This vibe is something businesses can create with their products and services, starting with their website. Customers today are smart and want to check everything online. When they see a genuine website and see how things are very well-explained, they trust it automatically.
  • Focus on the primary social media platform: It is advised to businesses to focus on social media platforms that stand most relevant to their business and where they find most of their customers.
  • Connect with local influencers: As a small business operating in a city, they must connect with their local social media influencers. This acts as a win-win situation for both as both get more presence through the content they create, leading to more buzz around both of them.

The e-commerce and digital marketing industry will only be on a constant rise, believes Salman Altaf, as his business Blue Cascade in just a few short years, has excelled wonderfully in the same.