Ace designer Vikram Saraf gives a new meaning to creativity with his quirky and trendy fashion game

Vikram Saraf

In any layman's terms, fashion is all about looking good and feeling good. However, fashion designer Vikram Saraf keeps it simple as he considers style to be more about being comfortable first. "Whatever you wear, you must be comfortable in it", says Vikram. The designer needs no introduction as his artistic flair speaks volumes about his work.

Like every other industry, the fashion industry also hit a roadblock in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every industry. However, during this time, creative professionals like Vikram Saraf utilized their creativity in the best possible way.

Known for creating unique fashion trends, Vikram Saraf's designs have an enchanting story of creativity. Be it elegance or high-end fashion for millennials, the designer very well knows how to set the trends with his quirky yet innovative designs. The half of 2021 is almost over, and Vikram's designs have rightly proved why some fashion outfits will forever be in trends.

The fashion designer believes that the customers highly rely on e-commerce platforms to get inspiration for trendy outfits. Additionally, he reveals that social media has also helped in churning out a lot of fashion trends going on in the market. Besides this, Vikram Saraf with his expertise has carved his name as a celebrity's favourite designer.

Mr. Saraf in his remarkable career has designed some exceptional ethnic outfits for Manyavar and Mohey. When asked about his favourite choice of designing outfits, Vikram said, "There is nothing called as favourite in my dictionary. I believe in designing outfits that can create trends in the fashion market. But preferably, I love to experiment with traditional wear as you get to explore creativity with minute detailing while designing the outfits."

Lastly, when it comes to giving fashion a new dimension, one can completely rely on Vikram Saraf's designs. All of his fashion outfits and accessories have been distinct from one another, and that's what makes him a versatile name among other fashion designers. Currently, due to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India, the demand for fashion outfits has slowed down, but the efforts of the ace designer are in full swing to bring something new for all fashion lovers and enthusiasts.