Accident involving two vehicles in Perak causes fire that killed 5 family members

Car accident
Car accident Pixabay

Five family members were burnt to death after a trailer and a car collided on Saturday, October 6 at the North-South Expressway (NSE) in the Malaysian state of Perak.

As per the reports the accident took place at around 11.45 am after the Menora tunnel when the unidentified family was travelling in their car. It was reported that trailer was transporting iron ore from Johor to Penang

Ahmad Adnan Basri, the State traffic investigation and enforcement department head explained how the accident happened and said that after the trailer had lost control and suddenly changed its direction to right lane before squeezing and grazing several other vehicles. The involved car was trapped in between the trailer and the concrete barrier before both the vehicles caught fire.

Basri said that due to the collision the victims were unable to escape from the vehicle as they were pinned to their seats. However, the bodies of the deceased family were sent to Kuala Kangsar Hospital, located in Negeri Perak, Malaysia.

Nurul Amelia Amran, a traveller who was going to Ipoh from Kuala Kangsar, spotted the accident and said that she heard a woman's voice crying for help once the fire broke out. She also told the reporters at Kuala Kangsar Hospital forensic unit that from a distance she could saw the involved trailer "swerved onto the right lane and grazed several vehicles before I heard a loud bang, and soon enough I saw the flames. As we arrived at the scene, I saw the car was hit by the trailer and the fire was raging."

Star Online report stated that the fire and rescue officials took almost four hours to take control of the fire.

This article was first published on October 7, 2018
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