Cuba Gooding Jr
Cuba Gooding Jr. Twitter/Josh Russell

Academy Award winner, Cuba Gooding Jr has been sued by a nightclub employee for alleged sexual battery. This report comes days after three women accused him of sexual misconduct. The bartender alleged that the actor pinched her last year. She had earlier spoken on the matter to New York law enforcement, reports suggest.

The allegations against Gooding Jr. includes, "assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress." As per reports, Gooding is facing misconduct allegations from 14 women, four misdemeanour counts were indicted last week where he has been pleaded not guilty and is due back in court on December 13.

The nightclub employee in her suit mentioned details about the incident claiming while she was serving Gooding Jr., he asked her "Do you want to see my impression of a p***s?" To which the bartender gave a negative reply. Gooding Jr then drank the liquor from his glass and allegedly spit it out before the complainant walked away.

In the lawsuit, the complainant further claimed that later that night, Gooding pinched her butt. When she said, "don't touch my butt," Gooding allegedly replied, "Aw, that's no fun." The suit further mentions that the 'Coming to America' actor tried again to touch the complainant, but she deflected his hand.

The situation became murkier when Gooding spoke with the management and tried to touch the bartender for the third time, which she avoided. The suit further mentions that Gooding Jr. allegedly said, "Oh, you don't have to worry, because I am never coming back here again."

The complainant has claimed in her lawsuit that in her four years of service, no one had ever subjected her to such sexually aggressive behaviour.

The Oscar-winning actor has also been accused of groping at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar in New York this June, suggests report.