About The Life Of Rooh Naqvi And All His Struggles

Rooh Naqvi

Rooh is a 23 years old Pakistani Youtuber. He was born on 28 June 1997 in Karachi. Later in life, Rooh and his family had to move to Canada. There he completed his further studies by getting a degree in IT. Rooh is considered lucky when it comes to success in his YouTube career.

Difficulties To Face In The Start
According to Rooh, there is always something easy and difficult when you start something new. A task is easy because you are doing something of your interest, and it is difficult that you do not know anything about it as it is new.

Rooh also added that he finds recording and editing videos difficult. But he is always curious about the final output that motivates him to record and edit the video.

When did He Start?

Most of his fans know that he started his YouTube content creation in 2017, but it is not true. He started posting videos on his YouTube channel in 2010. At that time, he was in high school and used to play video games. He uploaded the videos of games that he used to play, but these videos did not help him to boost his channel. Instead, it provides the experience for him.
In November 2017, he posted a vlog in which he pranked his cousins in Paris. It was his first video that reached 1000 views. That video motivated Rooh and inspired him to improve his skills and create better content.


His friends and family always well supported Rooh. His friends always helped him to record the videos. Rooh also mentioned that all his friends push each other to do better or improve. Rooh's family is also very supportive. His whole family watches his videos together, so it is more like a family thing now.

Rooh also added that to make new content for his viewers, he uploaded travel vlogs, so he was required to travel to different countries. Rooh said that his family supported him and allowed him to travel the world at a very young age. This support helped him always to create unique and new content.

How His Videos Are Different?

His videos are different from other content creators; that is why he got fame quickly. His videos are a blend of cinematography, information, fun, and facts that attract the viewers. He also uses different video creation techniques to always crate something distinctive for its users.

His videos are also different because there is always a message in his videos for his viewers. He tries to spread positivity through his videos. He said that lives are very unpredictable, so he wants people to forget about their problems and smile while watching his videos.

He also motivates and inspires the youngsters in his videos. He always encourages the youngsters to believe in themselves and dream about their goals. According to him, a person is even capable of doing multiple tasks

About His Short Film

Now Rooh wants to take one step ahead in his YouTube career, which is why he is working on a short film. He said that he was working on the script of the short film. The main idea of the film was about the generation gap.

The generation gap occurs after every decade, and it affects the lives of many people. The generation gap is the main reason that most of the elders cannot understand their children. However, it is a sensitive topic; he wants to raise awareness about it.

His Hobbies

  • Rooh takes an interest in many things like,
  • He loves traveling and exploring different places.
  • He also wants to know about and experience different cultures.
  • He also likes cars and loves to make changes in them, like improving the speed.
  • He also loves computers and likes to research computers and technology for hours.


Rooh completed his degree in IT from Ryerson University in Canada. He is also planning on doing the master's. According to Rooh that a person should study to educate himself. In IT, cloud security and server arrangement were his favorite subjects.


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