Abdullah Almanna

Abdullah Almanna is a public accountant by profession. He is an avid traveler who loves to explore different parts of the world, learn new languages and get deeper into the culture and history of different regions of the world. His profession helps him in doing so as he has to travel a lot for official reasons. He has been to more than 30 countries so far including the USA, Canada, UK, Holland, Colombia and many more.

Along with his passion for traveling, he has developed a new interest in capturing beautiful pictures and videos to document the memories associated with his journey, for this, he has taken lessons in photography too. But this is only a small part of his story. Abdullah Almanna has turned his passion into an interesting business opportunity. He has created a niche website tripese.com which sells world-class travel accessories, which include backpacks, travel essential, electronic gadgets and much more. For the ease and comfort of its valued customers, the free home delivery option is available throughout the world.

Abdullah Almanna says "As traveling is my passion, I identified that there were very few service providers catering specifically to travelers' needs. As a traveler, I would prefer that whatever is necessary for traveling should be available at one place and I should be able to shop at the convenience of home, that is how I planned to start tripese.com."

For him it is like double bonanza, on the one hand he has become an entrepreneur with a unique start-up idea and on the side, he gets to travel more to expand his business to newer places. He says "My work takes me to new unexplored places where I not only learn a new language, getting to know new culture but generating profits too, what could be more exciting than this?" he smiles.
The seasoned accountant and now an e-commerce entrepreneur wants to challenge his comfort zone and travel to South America as the region and it's culture is quite different than what he is. Accustomed to so far.