Abdul Rahman Soltan: Singaporean Born Property Mogul Moving Towards Sustainability

Abdul Rahman Soltan

Abdul Rahman Soltan, 56 has a real estate empire spanning from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur. The Singaporean born entrepreneur has been in the Property Development business since 1990 - one of his first projects was developing an Industrial Factories. Gradually he expanded to Interior and Construction work and in 2008 he took his work to an international stage.

For over three decades he has pushed boundaries and has been setting the bar higher. He says, "I am at an age where I have seen a lot of things, done a lot of things, and in this sea of actions and experiences- there is only one thing that matters. At the end of the day, your passion is what keeps you afloat. I and my team have taken over many unique projects, many things have changed over the years but our drive and passion haven't changed. We have come far and continue to succeed because we are just as enthusiastic as we used to be, we still put in the same effort and dedication that we used to.".

While we are no property experts like Soltan, anyone can see that his projects are no less than works of art.

Seeing his work and the importance he places on passion - we were curious to know what inspires this drive?

So we asked Soltan, and he told us about his vision of a more sustainable future. He will be taking a more innovative approach in his upcoming projects to ensure long term benefits for the society. He says, "What are properties, if humans don't inhabit them, make use of them? And what are humans if our planet doesn't exist? Whether you're rich or poor, none of us would be able to escape from world evolution. All of us need to take one step ahead - to not only protect our future but also to protect our future generations.

Seeing a powerful man like Soltan understanding the importance of sustainable practices is a huge win; with his influence and resources, he will be leaving a huge impact with his innovative and Creative approach.