8-Year-Old Bronx Girl Dies After 10-Foot Piece of Granite Handrail Falls on Her

A young girl from the Bronx died on Monday from head wound after 10-foot piece of granite handrail collapsed on top of her while playing with friend outside her home.

Balustrade's Railing Suddenly Crashes

The tragic accident occurred at a residence in the Westchester Square neighborhood of the Bronx. The girl, 8, identified by relatives as Fatima Jannat Chowdhury, was with a friend when the victim tried to squeeze through the granite columns attached to her front porch in Westchester Square around 8 p.m. Monday, reported the New York Post.

Marble Handrail
A 10-foot Section of the Balustrade’s Railing Suddenly Crashed Down on Top of the Girl Twitter

A 10-foot section of the balustrade's railing suddenly crashed down on top of the girl. Police sources told the Post that the girl's mother was inside the home cooking along with other relatives when she heard the girl scream.

They rushed outside to find her lying trapped underneath the piece of marble handrail with a bleeding head wound.

She was transported to nearby Jacobi Hospital with severe head trauma, and was later declared dead.

What Does the Investigation Tell?

The city Department of Buildings said it is investigating why the structure collapsed.

A preliminary investigation found the girl suffered extensive injuries when a "marble handrail became detached from the front of a house" and fell on top of her, NYPD Detective Sophia Mason told PEOPLE.

The NYPD filed a complaint with the Department of Buildings the same day as the fatal accident, requesting structural stability inspection of front porch. The Department of Buildings confirmed that a violation was issued to the property's owner, reported the Daily Mail.

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The girl's aunt told investigators that the family only moved into the apartment three or four months ago.

The little girl's family is mourning her death while missing their child. "If this is weak, then he should not have built it like this," the girl's relatives said, referring to the landlord and the banister.

Various Complaints About the Property were Registered Since 2016

According to the Daily Mail, in May 2016, there were complaints filed about an illegal conversion of a basement into an apartment, and illegal use of plaster at the property.

A notice from the city agency was affixed near the property's front door Tuesday, along with yellow caution tape surrounding the gated entrance. A large, red-colored stain could be seen directly in front of the home.

Meanwhile, authorities said they are still investigating the cause of the structural collapse. The Department of Buildings confirms that a violation was issued to the property's owner, Ahmed Mehraj.