75 Singapore Armed Forces soldiers honored for their daring fight against ISIS

Seventy-Five SAF soldiers received overseas service medals for serving in a multinational coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

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Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen awarded overseas service medals for seventy-five Singapore Armed forces soldiers for their valuable contributions in a multinational coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The awards were presented on October 09, 2017, after the Singaporean warriors returned from their deployment in Kuwait and Qatar.

A recognition for soldiers' bravery

After presenting the honor, Dr Ng Eng Hen lauded the soldiers for giving their contributions in turning the world to a safer place.

"Through your efforts, through your deployments there, the world we cherish is safer," said Dr Ng, Straits Times reports.

Ng told that the contributions of the Singapore Armed Forces in the multinational coalition received rave responses from all corners, including US Central Command and Combined Joint Task Force.

The Singapore Defence Minister added that the multinational coalition partners are very much impressed with the way in which the SAF soldiers carried out their professional duties.

The Minister also commented about the vitality of neutralizing terrorism in the world. Ng believes that the people in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia will be radicalized if the world fails to combat to demolish terrorism.

Ng said that the overseas operations have fine-tuned the skills of the Singaporean soldiers; sharpening the army's capabilities and operational insights. The Defence Minister also asked the soldiers to use this knowledge and professionalism to counter terrorism in the nation.

SAF's contribution to multinational coalition against ISIS

The Singapore Armed Force has provided many valuable contributions to the multinational coalition which is fighting against the ISIS, one of the most notorious terrorist groups in the world. The SAF has deployed its troops to provide intelligence analysis support to the Combined Joint Task Force.

A KC-135R tanker aircraft has also been deployed by the Singapore Armed Force to help air-to-air refueling operations for coalition's aircraft.