7 Singaporean fashion designers popular across the globe

Singapore is taking big strides in the fashion world, with its designers gaining global recognition. Here is a list of 7 designers from Singapore who are famous around the world.

Singapore fashion
Singapore fashion Pixabay

Singapore is currently ranked the eighth fashionable city in the world. Post 1960, fashion began to evolve through women in Singapore bringing in the new taste of fashion, the transition from traditional loose fitting Asian silhouettes to western fabrics. Singaporeans became gradually obsessed with denim, skinny jeans, cropped tops etc.The local fashion designers in Singapore have placed themselves at the same position as international brands.

Singaporean designers like Max Tan, Nida Shey, Arissa Cheo, and Ong Shunmugam have appeared in international fashion shows and events. Andrew G, a Singapore based designer, made waves at the fashion world in 2016, with his collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, Singapore Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Festival are considered to be big events in the field of fashion. IBTimes Singapore brings you the list of top 7 Singaporean fashion designers who are as talented and popular as the ones mentioned above.

1. Benny Ong

Benny Ong is one of the most famous fashion designers of Singapore who rose to fame in the 1970's for his elite evening wear and cocktail gowns. Princess Diana, Queen Noor of Jordan and Duchess of Kent are a few of his high-profile clients. His collections are only available in urban upmarket stores, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fivth Have in Manhattan.

For a while, Ong turned away from fashion and concentrated on Contemporary art as he was frustrated with the transition of fashion. But he is back with a bang now.

2. Jo Soh

Jo Soh's collections are based on womenswear label, Hansel. Jo Soh was inspired by her dog, a Jack Russel terrier. This has led to patterns and vintage trends like mod dresses. Jo's collection is basically based on frisky designs with neat minimalistic backgrounds, attracting the designers worldwide for decades. Nevertheless, she was called by Laura Ashley to join her brand Ashley Asia's Head of Fashion.

3. Carolyn Kan

Carolyn Kan quit her high-profile job as a managing editor at M&C Saatchi to pursue her passion in the world of fashion. During her travel in Italy, her meeting with a silversmith changed Kan's live forever. She launched her own jewelry line in 2009, Carrie K. After her low-key beginning, Kan has scaled to greater heights, eventually sealing the deal with Disney World to design jewelry in the movie, Alice through the Looking Glass.

4. Ashley Isham

This Singaporean boy eats, lives and breathes fashion. He believes that there is no shortcut for success. Ashley has come a long way in the fashion world, where he rose to fame in London for his signature contemporary classics, which had the likes of famous celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. Though his boutiques are in London, he continues to collaborate with Singapore 's designers and brands.

5. Chelsea Scott – Blackhall

She debuted in the world of Fashion in 2009 with the brand name Dzojchen. Interestingly, the word is derived from Sanskrit, meaning wholeness. Chelsea's idea was to bring out the inducibility but with a duality. She wanted to show the concept of "wholeness" in her line.

6. Priscilla Shunmugam

Priscilla initially didn't want to be a fashion designer. After working as a lawyer, she flew to England to study fashion designing. Her signature line is based on the modern take on cheongsam, a traditional Chinese garment. She bagged the Singapore Designer of the Year by Elle within a year of launching her collection.

7. Hayden Ng

Hayden Ng climbed the ladder of success at the age of 16 as a Singaporean fashion designer. By 1987, he had started designing for Miss Singapore Universe, Marion Nicole Teo. Recently, Ng started the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase. Nearly thirty designers participated in it, making it a grand success.