7 best snow skin mooncakes to savour from top Singaporean restaurants

Singaporean who wants to taste different moon cakes, snow skin mooncakes are the better option.

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Mid-Autumn Festival
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As Singaporeans are gearing up for Mid-Autumn Festival, barely two days away from now, on October 4, mooncakes are getting over from the counter in no time. Mooncakes are part of the Chinese harvesting festival without which, the mooncake festival will not have a perfect ending.

Though everyone is aware of traditional mooncakes, which is usually baked and filled with lotus seed paste and centered with egg yolk, snow skin mooncakes give a visual appeal to food lovers.

For Singaporean who wants to taste different mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes are the better option. This type of mooncakes is less traditional and sweeter with fillings like spanning chocolate, fruits, nuts to champagne and cognac. Restaurants have pushed themselves to go an extra mile in presenting best snow skinned mooncakes to the people of Lion City.

IBTimes picks top 7 restaurants famous for their snow skin mooncakes.

Man Fu Yan

Man Fu Yan restaurant decided to come up with a different variety of snow skin mooncakes. If rest of the chefs from other restaurants are adding alcohol filling to the mooncakes, chefs from Man Fu Yan restaurant chose to get inspired by the botanical gardens and carved the mooncakes in shape of blooming flowers.
Mun Fu Yang

This garden collection is the new batch of snow skin mooncakes known as "ambrosial autumn treasures" with delicate flavors.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore has released several modern version of mooncakes for this year's Mid-Autumn Festiva, out of which violette and gin are the best from the lot. The flavours are further added with lovely purple hue and are packed with a boozy punch and infused with Tanquery No and the Strawberry Time Tequila Truffle - a pantry that is both fruity and intense.
The Ritz Carlton, Millinea(representational)

The Ritz Carlton, Millinea

The Ritz Carlton is presenting the best snow skin mooncakes in form of eight-piece set of mini snow skin martini mooncakes. Along with new additional orange and mango mooncakes added to their kitty.

The mooncakes are subtly added with alcohol and bright tropical flavors. They are placed in an exquisite fuschia box, making them ideal for gifting.

Raffles, Singapore

Raffles Singapore is long known for its dissolute champagne, truffle snow skin mooncakes. But this year, strawberry yogurt option is noteworthy.

It includes pastel exterior stuffed with yogurt and crunchy chocolate white pearls. Although Strawberry yogurt is a treat for the eye, cognac truffle and Early Grey Tea with chocolate pearls are other options.

Yang Ting

Yang Ting has come up with four new snow skin mooncakes this year, out of which champagne truffle and chocolate paste is the eye catcher.

The mooncake is dressed in a black sesame exterior, brushed with gold for an extra delicate finish, centered with mild sweet chocolate.

For people with diet-consciousness, restaurants also offer green apple paste and macadamia nuts with less sugar.


TWG Tea has released a brand new set of snow skin mooncakes for the hoggers. Moonlight is the best snow skin mooncake available on October 4, layered with sugary sweet and visually appealing confection, covered with striking jade green snow skin.


It also has mousse infused with brand's new Lotus Jade Tea, as well as Nashi pear marmalade.

Good Wood Park Hotel

Good Wood Park Hotel is offering Root Beer Snow Skin mooncakes, that are made up of rum and Vanilla beans.

They have also got Apple Cider Snowskin Mooncakes and 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Snowskin Mooncakes.

To try something new in snow skin mooncakes they have Prickly Pear with Bergamot, that is layered with pink pastry along with tiny pieces of the diced bear.

This article was first published on October 2, 2017