6-year-old Canada boy sets up 'joke counter' for neighbors amid coronavirus tension (Video)

Six-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin from Saanich, Canada has set up joke stand to help people make count of the stress created during coronavirus lockdown. Watch video here

Callaghan McLaughlin
Callaghan McLaughlin videograb @cbcneasbc

Six-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin has become a celebrity, thanks to his joking skills, his video is going viral on social media.

People have been complaining about boredom during lockdown issued due to COVID-19 across countries. Callaghan from Saanich, British Columbia was tired of sitting at home all gloomy and was missing his friends badly.

Unlike most who either indulge in social media or complain and keep it to themselves, Callaghan took an initiative and set up a 'joke stand' in front of his house, where he uses his one-liners for free to make people smile and laugh at a time when people are tensed and stressed out due to staying at home all the time.

When neighbors and passersby come to his booth he tells them jokes and s happy when he is able to make them laugh. Of course, the distance is kept in mind and people listen to him from a safe distance.

His joke counter is called "drive-by/walk-by joke stand."

Speaking to Yaaho Life, Callaghan's mother Kelsea McLaughlin said that for the past six months or so, he has been telling them plenty of one-liners and knock-knock jokes. She said that they thought it was time for a fresh audience and set up the joke counter.

Social distancing

The family is known to have set up various kinds of stands during family gatherings. According Kelsea, they usually set up "Lemonade Stand." As there is a lockdown now and they wanted to try out something different, where they could still reach out to the community but still be physically distant. These two ideas when put together, the idea of joke stand came in handy and is being put to use properly, Callaghan's joking skills.

The joke stand was started on April 14. The announcement was made on social media with a plea for neighbors and friends to stop by the house. The stand opens at 9.30 am and closes at 10.30 am. Then it re-opens post lunch for an hour-and-half in the front yard near the treehouse.

Kelsea has three children and Callaghan is the oldest. According to her, Callaghan is an extrovert and quite social. His Joke stand has not only won the hearts of neighbors, friends and netizens but also from actor Ryan Reynolds. "Hero," he tweeted, appreciating Callaghan.

Ryan Reynolds tweet

Speaking to CBC, Callaghan said that he had not seen his friends for a while as he can't go outside. "There's a lot of stress and I kind of want to get smiles on people's faces, my principal came by too," he said.

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