6 skin-care resolutions to make this year for healthy and glowing skin

IBT Singapore has pointed out six skincare resolutions we all can make in this New Year.

6 Skin-care resolutions to make this year for healthy and glowing skin
A beautician holds up a facial mask, after removing it Reuters (Representational Image)

From staying fit to eating healthy, many of us will resolve to change our lifestyle a bit with our New Year resolutions. But, do we actually realize that there are several minute things which can spoil out our entire goal of resolutions, especially when it comes to skincare.

Throughout the entire last year, we have been neglecting your skin or cutting corners in your skincare routine, eating junk food and burning the midnight oil. You cannot turn back time, but you can surely make some small tweaks to your lifestyle with the aim of having better skin in 2017.

Skincare is not only about looking good it's a lot more than that. Skin is the largest organ in our body and it is extremely important to take care of it from the inside to the outside, for the benefit of our health. IBT Singapore has pointed out six skincare resolutions we all can make in this New Year.

Going to bed early

We have always been told by our parents that we should sleep early and rise early. Sleep is food for our brain, body, and skin, and if we don't get enough, you deprive each of its nourishment. But, most of us always underestimate the importance of sufficient sleep for good skin. If you do not get enough sleep, your skin becomes imbalanced, leading to a dehydrated complexion, redness, and breakouts. So, this year try to get to bed by 11 pm avoiding your late night Netflix shows.

Take Off Your Makeup at Night

We have known that makeup can mix with skin oils and dirt to cause zits. Experts say that cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air against your skin. So, removing your make-up is a must before you go to sleep.

Moisturize your skin well

It's extremely tempting to skip this step, but from this year resolve to moisturise your whole body religiously. Moisturisers are very important for our skin as they keep the skin hydrated. If you do not moisturize regularly, you lose on one layer of protection for your skin.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Another important part of skincare is protecting your skin from the sun because ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes premature skin ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation. Doctors always advise that you must wear sunscreen daily (at least SPF 30) and if needed reapply it often.

Exfoliate Regularly

If you want your skin to be free from acne and blackhead breakouts, then exfoliation is a must. Experts say acne-prone skin sheds extra skin cells more than other skin types, but the cells do not fall away. Instead, they stick to the skin, clogging pores and hair follicles. So, when you remove all the dead skin from the surface, you expose the new and radiant skin underneath.

Shower routines

Experts say you should try and avoid very long showers as it tends to dry out the skin further. Excessive washing can dry out your skin and cause irritation. Doctors also suggest that using harsh soaps and very strong cleansers can also affect your skin, so you should be very careful before selecting your body soap or shampoo.