6 Major underwater restaurants keep global tourists enthralled forever

Right from Maldives to Spain the concept of underwater restaurants seem to have taken people by storm across the world.

Europe's first under sea Restaurant

Right from Maldives to Spain, underwater restaurants have become the latest craze for people across the world. The owners of these restaurants are taking it a notch higher by creating an adventurous experience for the visitors.

Snohetta, an architecture firm is all ready to open an underwater restaurant in the southern parts of Norway. Apparently, it will be partially submerged in the sea. Restaurants such as these, not only provide a fine dining experience to visitors but also acts as a research centre for marine life.

This restaurant will be constructed in Baly village in 2019, which is the country's southernmost tip. It can comfortably accommodate around 80-100 visitors. The restaurant will be decorated with subdued lightings and plans to help flourish marine ecosystem near the seabed.

The restaurant follows the logic pattern of colour palette with different stories of the construction, on the other hand, champagne bar is decorated with subtle colours, kindling the sediment of shells rocks and sand, while the dining room is characterised by darker blue and green colours, which inspired by seabed seaweed and rough sea and also supports indoor climate.

Here are seven undersea restaurants one needs to watch out for:


SUBsix Restaurant

Subsix restaurant lies six meters below the sea level of the Indian Ocean and 500 meters offshore in Maldives. Visitors can go to this restaurant through speedboat transfer and enjoy a champagne breakfast, a subsequent lunch of seafood dishes and evening cocktails.

The theme of the restaurant features submarine atmosphere and calm inspired bar, and home for 90 species of coral at the surrounding reef. The restaurant also is home to hawksbill turtles, parrotfish, moray eels and other varieties of marine life.

L' oceanographic Submarino Restaurant

L' oceanographic Submarino Restaurant

L'oceonographic Submarino Restaurant lies in the heart of ocean catering to a vast aquarium in Spain. The restaurant menu features a balanced food of seafood dishes and Spanish delicacies that includes Valencian paella, ox filet and truffle dauphhinoise potatoes. It is also surrounded by 10,000 fish with a Jellyfish restaurant theme lighting floor to ceiling windows.


Sea Resturant

Sea is the restaurant situated in Anatarva Kihavah Resort at Maldives and is home to one of the most popular underwater wine cellar offering guest a 360-degree view of local marine life from the edge of the reef, also known as best scuba diving spot.

Various corals and sea fans cover the reef off the sea restaurant and sharks and turtles etc. The menu features a variety of dishes from across the world.

The Atrium Bar

Atrium Bar

The Atrium Bar resides at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin has a vast standing aquarium stretching around 25 meters above diners, containing 1,500 tropical fish of more than 110 species. Visitors can get a closer look at the fishes, by traveling up to the center of the cylindrical aquarium and not to forget its signature cocktail Blue Box, which is a blend of gin and blue curacoa laced with lime juice topped off with tonic or lemonade.

5.8 Undersea

5.8 Under sea resturant

This underwater restaurant resides in the Hurawalhi Island Resort in Maldives is an ideal spot for those looking forward to dining amid extraordinary marine life. One can also enjoy an exclusive eatery, along with an incredible dining spot which is capable of accommodating 16 guests at a time, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara

Nathan  Outlaw at  Al Mahara

AI Mahara Resturant in Dubai is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. It has a floor to ceiling aquarium containing more than 30 different species of fish. One of the most important key features of the restaurant is the number of dining spots along with an underwater designed theme which gives an alternative option to both vegans and nonvegans.