6 Hour Work Days - The Solution to Increased Productivity with Claudio Conte

Claudio Conte

While we all focus on employees' discipline, we often forget the company's goal. Employee job satisfaction is directly connected to productivity. As someone who has built over 4 brands from scratch, Claudio Conte suggests that long-hour workdays are the enemy of productivity.

Claudio is the CEO of Spiral Orb Designs, a firm offering extensive web design and development services with a single goal of creating a better narrative for brands by showcasing their abilities to achieve scalability. Featured in several magazines, including the Top 20 Brand Experts To Watch in 2022, Claudio has helped several brands achieve better results using his expertise.

Claudio Conte opened a business that focused on the intrinsic capacity of employees to work effectively in a friendly environment. Hence, Spiral Orb Designs becomes an avenue for staff to grow without leaving a part of their lives untouched. Discarding the 9-5 hour workday, employees begin work by 11:00am, and must clock out within 6 hours.

While one may be inclined to laugh at the plausibility of such an attempt to garner effort and achieve better results, Spiral Orb Designs has actually proven this system works through achieving impressive recognition and massive sales with no ads at all.

"Working with people who share a collective or individual goal, one that connects to our vision, we are always looking out for the best interest of our team, with shorter work days and higher pay to excel in work and alongside lifestyle. So we purposely start at 11am so that our creative team can start their day how they like and give 110% to every client as opposed to waking up rushing and having their work affected,"says Claudio.

With recent developments like the outbreak of COVID-19 and the advancement of technology, the need for flexibility at work becomes imperative. For most employees, creativity gears in after waking up and preparing themselves mentally for work. With this, you are set to achieve excellent results.

"As creatives, when you go to start work at 9am, you're half asleep. After a few chats and coffee by 11am, now you're in the zone," Claudio noted jokingly.

Endless evidence shows that creating a working condition where employees are bound by rules decreases efficiency. While we are focused upon working regulations, however, we often forget that our employees may be missing out on important parts of their lives. With a tradeoff that appeals to them in the sense of a better work-life balance, studies have shown that employees are more focused on the task at hand when they have a reduced timeframe.

Eliminating the long-hour work requirement can increase productivity because it gives staff the freedom to get creative and use their talents for the brand. Spiral continuously creates a working environment where employees have the required space to work and do their things without depriving them of earned wages. Again, Claudio has shown the world that doing things the traditional way may be depriving us of the benefits of change.

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