The App Store sale continues featuring some pricey iOS apps. In this list, you get some of the top-rated apps such as After3D Prism, Omnifret and Hotspot VPN. IBTimes Singapore gives you six premium apps from the App Store that you can download free of charge for limited-time only.

Around-U AR (US$1.99)

Know your current location in augmented reality with Around-U AR. This app will guide you the nearest gas station, bank, bar, hotel, restaurant, hospital, supermarket, movie theatre and even taxi. You can filter your search according to business type.

Get Around-U AR for iOS from the App Store.

After3D Prism (US$5.99)

Hailed as the best 3D modelling app on the App Store, After3D Prism allows you to select varying extensions to share your creation with your friends and family.

Get After3D Prism for iOS from the App Store.

Omnifret (US$9.99)

Omnifret is a revolutionary fretboard map for guitar players. Select any scale that you want and it will show you everything you need. The scale pattern on the fretboard, notes, intervals and the most important, the chords. With Omnifret, you will be able to know what chords are available in each position. Omnifret filters thousands of chords it knows, and will only show you the ones that fit on the scale that you have chosen.

Get Omnifret for iOS from the App Store.

.GIF Maker (US$1.99)

.GIF Maker is a beautiful GIF maker app that allows you to make your own GIF or videos instantly and share them easily on Instagram and other apps. You can make your own GIFs directly in iMessage and share them with your friends.

Get .GIF Maker for iOS from the App Store.

I'm Running Stickers (US$0.99)

I'm Running Stickers is a collection of high-quality beautiful emojis and stickers for runner and jogger. Send these stickers to tell your friends that you are jogging or running.

Get I'm Running Sticker for iOS from the App Store.

Hotspot VPN (US$6.99)

This premium version offers unlimited free VPN proxy servers for all users. Hotspot VPN has an easy-to-use interface and instant setup with no ads and registration required. Best of all, it's fast and there are no bandwidth limits.

Get Hotspot VPN for iOS from the App Store.

Get your phones out and click on the links provided. Enjoy your free iOS apps now!