5G technology could compromise people's privacy, claims critic

The critic argues that microwaves used in 5G technology can be used to spy people's activities from anywhere

Since its announcement, 5G technology that aims to revolutionize the internet connectivity speed of smartphones has raised the eyebrows of several critics. Now, a self-proclaimed inventor named Mark Steele has sensationally claimed that this new technology could spy on people's activities, thus infringing the privacy of the general public.

5G technology fitted with scanners?

Mark Steele made these comments while talking exclusively with Daily Star Online. During the talk, Steele who dismantles LED lamps and 5G types of equipment in his YouTube videos, claimed that 5G waves are the same ones that are being used by self-driving cars, and thus streetlights fitted with 5G technology could basically act as scanners.

"The street light arrays, it's all one large array, can all work in conjunction with each other, that's the purpose of them. And what they do, they scan the environment, if you look at the technicalities, the specifics are for autonomous cars. Now to send a collimated signal (a signal that is made as straight as possible) you need to be able to target acquire the car. You have to be able to see it," said Steele.


Steele also warns that the microwaves in households can be used to spy on people's activities. "If you've got Wi-Fi in your home what actually happens is that you have actually got microwave radiation in the environment and I can scan that environment and any disturbance in those microwaves, I can pick that up and I can actually turn that and digitalization of that into voice recognition. So not only can I listen to you, I can see you," added Steele.

Will 5G cause cancer and heart attack?

A few months back, Arthur Robert Firstenberg, an American author had claimed that the rollout of 5G could dramatically rise heart attacks and cancer among people. He even established a petition, and it claimed that 5G networks are equally harmful to both humans and the environment.

As per Firstenberg, it is very much necessary to initiate campaigns against 5G to save the health of the general public. Martin Pall, a professor at Washington State University also believes that the introduction of 5G is undoubtedly the stupidest idea ever in human history. He also added that 5G antennas are getting installed everywhere without any biological tests.

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