54 chopped human hands found discarded in ice-covered island off Siberia

Holding hands

In a bizarre incident, 54 chopped human hands were discovered in an ice-covered island very close to the city of Khabarovsk in the Far East of Siberia, Russia. All 53 hands except one were sealed in a bag, and police believe that they are 27 pairs. Another one was spotted first by a local resident, and it was seen lying separately on a snow-covered island in the Amur River near the Chinese border.

Even though the mystery surrounding the incident is getting deepened, local residents claim that they have not seen anything suspicious in the recent past. During the investigation, police have found fingerprints on one hand, and they consider it as a very pivotal clue to unraveling the mystery surrounding the incident.

As the news spread like wildfire in the nation, experts put forward a gruesome theory claiming that the hands might have been chopped from the dead bodies in a hospital. According to those who had put forward this theory, corpses may have been used to steal body parts, and later the hands might have been chopped from the body to prevent it from being identified later.

Medical bandages and hospital-style coverings were found in most of the hands, and it clearly indicates that they were chopped in a medical facility.

Another section of people claims that the hands might have been chopped off from the body as a punishment. However, there are no visible shreds of evidence of force on the hands to substantiate this version.

Even though the incident has shocked many residents of the city of Khabarovsk, Russian police have not commented on the case. It has been learned that the authorities are continuing the probe, and will give their first comment once they find the source from where these hands reached the island.

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