50% of World's Pigs Will Become Zombies Later This Year, Claims Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler From 2906

The world will face a plague of zombie pigs later this year, according to a self-proclaimed time traveler. The TikTok user also claimed that more than 50% of the world's pigs will become zombies.

The user (@timevoyaging) claims to be a time traveler from 2906. Posting a video with a list of five apocalyptic-like events, the user stressed that the incidents will happen from now until the early days of 2023.

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Infectious Disease Will Spread Among Pigs

The user underlined that an infectious disease will spread among pigs that will turn them into zombies, reported Daily Star.

"ATTENTION! Yes, I'm a real time traveler from the year 2906, remember these five dates to come. October 8, 2022: A zombie pig escapes a lab, which leads to 60% of all pigs getting infected. November 1, 2022: Classified files are released about aliens that have landed on Earth," wrote the user.

The user had previously also shared some other warnings. The warnings include humans getting superpowers from the sun and the discovery of a parallel world under the Earth named Azawa.

This year on "November 14, 10 humans receive powers from the sun, including telekinesis, strength and others," wrote the user.

Biden Will Be Removed From The Office In December

The user also made a shocking prediction that President Joe Biden will be removed from office later this year. Biden will have to leave his office due to health issues, according to the user.

"December 10, 2022: President Biden will be removed from office due to health issues," said the user.

In a strange forecast, the user claimed that another world will be discovered inside of Earth. "January 13, 2023: Azawa will be discovered, which is another world inside of Earth," according to the user.

But, most of the users didn't believe that such weird incidents are going to happen. However, one of them commented that the prediction about "Biden's presidency is realistic, others don't sound to be true".

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