5 VR apps that deliver best immersive experience right on your smartphone

Here is our list of five VR apps that provide you the best immersive experience in a 360-degree format right on your Android or iOS device.


As virtual reality (VR) is reaching new levels nowadays, it's the best time to catch its growth live and experience the immersive world. But you don't need to spend much and just need to use your own smartphone along with an affordable headset such as a Google Cardboard or Xiaomi VR Play to enter the all new space.

Here, we are listing five VR apps that help you get started with the newly emerged tech -- right using your smartphone and a compatible headset. These apps are available for free download on Android and iOS devices.

Google Cardboard

Cardboard viewer was among the first and so far the cheapest means to step into the world of VR. Google designed the headset to bring exciting environments to masses. In the same way, the search giant has developed the Google Cardboard app to bring 3D objects to Android and iOS. The app is not just a complete package for beginners but also a collection for the ones who want to understand how big VR would expand in today's world.

The Cardboard app has a few built-in experiences that demonstrate you an extent of virtual reality. It has sections like Explorer, Exhibit and Kaleidoscope that virtualise new spaces. Similarly, there are app recommendations that you can download on your device to get expanded in the virtual world.

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The official YouTube app is the next on our list. The app got a native VR mode on Android back in 2015, while its iOS counterpart received the same feature in May last year. The feature is mainly intended to provide a space for 360-degree video content.

You just need to tap the Cardboard icon under any of your favourite videos listed on the YouTube app to watch them in a VR environment. Notably, video content doesn't need to be produced with a 360-degree camera setup to provide you a surrounded experience. Google uses its technology on the video platform to bring VR even to ordinary video content.

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If you're not looking for any animations and want to step into the real-world with VR, you should install NYT VR on your device. The app, built by The New York Times, delivers some of the award-winning virtual reality films that are covered by journalists who went to the places where you wouldn't go usually. The content includes a sensitive footage from a terrorist zone or an excited from a mountain, thousands of feet above the sea level.

Delivering an enhanced experience, the NYT VR app additionally comes with features such as spatial audio and push notification alerts upon new film releases. Also, the app allows you to download the rare films locally on your smartphone.

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VR Horror Maze: Horror Fever

With the expansion of content, you can even play games in 360 degrees by leveraging some of the advanced VR developments. VR Horror Maze: Horror Fever is one such innovation, and it takes you to a maze that has horrible zombies and mysterious avenues.

You can take the experience ahead by physically walking and roaming around your room. The maze game recognises your footsteps using the gyroscope of your handset to move you forward in the virtual world.

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Cardboard Camera

The last app that comes on our list is the Cardboard Camera app. The Google-developed app is not the one that provides you with a 3D experience developed by a third-party producer. Instead, it allows you to capture and share your memories in 360 degrees.

Google has enabled the Cardboard Camera app to record audio and visuals in 3D. Once captured, the content can be consumed directly using the Google Cardboard app.

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