5 times Miley Cyrus proved she possesses a 'heart of gold'

Miley cyrus' charity work and help to the world proves that she is a very generous person in nature.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus facebook/https://www.facebook.com/MileyCyrus/

From "Hannah Montana" to "The Voice", Miley Cyrus, the iconic pop artist has never left the news and her stardom. The "Younger now" singer has also been one the most judged celebrity because of her clothes and her unconventional attitude. At one point in time, she was pushed to an extent where she stopped reading comments and reviews about her due to the amount of criticisms and harassments, people throw at her on the internet. While people are busy judging her for her clothes and her works, they have completely left her "super generous" side and her charity works unnoticed.

Cyrus was named as the fourth most charitable celebrity of the year with Christ Path in the tenth number and Ema Watson in the fifth number by the non-profit organisation "Do something ahead of people" who is recognised for their charitable work around the world.

She gives the entire credits to her family for her generous nature and stated in a Time interview,"If you pick up a guitar when you're 8 you're really good at it by the time you're 20. It's the same with giving back. My family has been visiting Kentucky coal-mine towns since I was little. We take clothes, gifts, and school supplies. It's an eye opener for me, seeing families here in America living in Third World conditions. And it makes me want to make a difference. The truth is, it's never too early to get involved. Someday today's kids will be running for President. Now is our prep time. We need to get some practice in before we save the world."

Cyrus started helping the world at such a young age. Let us take a look what all she has done to add up to her contributions.

Supporter of 'city of hope'

"City of hope" is a non profitable clinical centre which focuses on preventing and curing cancer. Cyrus has been a huge supporter since 2007.

$1million was donated by the singer from the money for every ticket sold for the "Best of both worlds" tour. She also performed in 2008, 2009 and in 2012, she donated an amount of $4million in total.

Aid for Haiti earthquake victims

After Haiti was left devastated by an earthquake in 2011, Cyrus stepped forward and worked in multiple acts of charity to help the poverty stricken country which got affected by the calamity.

Cyrus also donated her dress which she wore at Grammy's and raised funds to help the underprivileged people in Haiti.

The "The Last song" star also worked with The Starkey Hearing Foundation in a mission where she distributed 400 hearing aids for deaf children who were medically disadvantaged.

Feeding America

In 2012, Cyrus lent her hand in supporting Feeding America to help and aid the poor families around who suffers from starvation and poverty.

She also participated in a PSA which an initiative was taken to spread awareness about domestic hunger and also encourage the Government to take steps to help lower the rate of starvation and hunger for the poor families.

The VMA date

The "Hanna Montana" star had brought a mysterious man as a date in the 2014 VMA award show which made quite a stir then. The man was later found to be a homeless guy named Jesse Halt.

Halt went up to receive Cyrus's the "best video' award for her single hit "wrecking ball" on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youths in the U S who are suffering miserably due to starvation, poverty and lack of other facilities.

Cyrus also helped in raising $2million for the homeless charity My Friend's place after the VMAs by giving out tickets, personal belongings, meet and greet opportunities and platform for people to donate.

The Happy Hippie Foundation

After her homeless youths project, Cyrus started the Happy Hippie Foundation, a charity work solely to help the LGBT community who are either suffering or underprivileged.

"I haven't been quiet or shy about discrimination issues towards the LGBT community because by alienating people, it makes it harder to work, live in society, have a home, have a family, and can result in homelessness. I wanted to learn more about other challenges in the LGBT community, like violence against transgender women, HIV/AIDS and family condemnation. Anything beautiful on this planet takes time, and with time comes change. That's why I'm launching the Happy Hippie Foundation — because every life is valuable and we should make sure those who question their value feel protected." says Cyrus when asked to say a few words about her charity foundation.

Miley is consistently working on her charity foundations and hopefully will continue to do so in the future as well.