5 Singaporeans involved in Serangoon Road attack, charged with rioting armed with deadly weapons

Singapore police arrested man
Singapore police arrested men (Representational picture) Pixabay

Five out of seven alleged culprits, who were arrested for rioting and injuring a 27-year-old man in Serangoon Road on Wednesday was charged in the court on Friday for their criminal activities.

While five Singaporean men, Victor Alexander Arumugam, Arjun Retnavelu, Haresh Shanmuganathan, Dinesh Kumar Ruvy and Sharvin Raj Suraj were charged for rioting armed with a deadly weapon, other two male accused are yet to face the charges as the investigation is going on. If these five men found guilty, they can face a jail term up to 10 years including a cane as per the country's law.

Police reports stated that 23-year-old Arjun was allegedly armed with a chopper and a baton,while Dinesh, 28, was carrying a parang. The 22-year-old Harsh allegedly punched the victim and the youngster of the group, 17-year-old Sharvin attacked the man with a baton.

Reports also showed that the other member, Victor, 24, has a separate pending criminal case for fighting with a different man near Lucky Plaza in April this year.

However, the court ordered them to present for the next hearing which will take place in August.

The incident happened at the bus stop in the front of Broadway Hotel, where police found the victim, Dhinesh Selvarajah. Someone local residents, who saw the man lying on the fourth lane of the road, provided their assistance by using the medical kit and other medical methods until the arrival of the ambulance.

After the police were alerted to the attack, carried out by using a kitchen knife and a samurai sword, officials took the victim to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, located at 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng. Police clarified that even though the man suffered from serious injuries, his condition became stable.

The attackers left the location on a rented car but the police located them and arrested all those men as soon as possible.

Later, K Shanmugam, the minister for Home Affairs called this incident 'horrific' and praised the officers for their swift reaction and arresting those men within 18 hours. In his Facebook post, he stated that it was a really good work by those police officials, who found those suspects quickly.

This article was first published on July 27, 2018