5 Most underrated characters of 'Batman Ek Chakravyuh', according to director Mantra

Batman Ek Chakravyuh

MnM Talkies' Spotify Original 'Batman Ek Chakravyuh' has swept the globe by storm. The podcast, which stars Amit Sadh as Bruce Wayne, Shweta Tripathi Sharma as Barbara Gordon, Sharib Hashmi as the Riddler, and many more well-known performers, is doing remarkably well on the Spotify charts. Characters in the Batman Universe are well-known among fans, yet there are those who play a pivotal part in the storyline and deserve more credit to their name. In a conversation with the director Mantra, he revealed who according to him are the 5 most underrated characters of the show.

KELL: The Batman fans would know for sure how crucial the character of Kell is. The innocent young morgue attendant played by Anangsha Bishwas has one of the strongest character arcs in the show.

STIRK: Stirk, voiced by veteran Vrajesh Hirjee, is one of Batman Universe's finest antagonists. In 'Batman Ek Chakravyuh,' we hear Stirk as a foe and a friend, making him one of the most interesting characters. It's for the listeners to decide if he is actually a friend or if he's hiding a greater agenda behind his mask.

THOMAS AND MARTHA WAYNE: The parents Thomas and Martha Wayne often appear in the Batman world but only in flashbacks. However, in 'Batman Ek Chakravyuh', they can be heard. They're the guiding light for Bruce Wayne and the storyline. In this podcast, Thomas Wayne is played by Rajat Kapoor and Martha Wayne by Sarika.

ALFRED: Danish Hussain pulled off the character of Alfred with great poise. The most trusted, loyal, and royal butler of Bruce Wayne deserves greater credit for his contribution to the series and the storyline.

All episodes of 'Batman Ek Chakravyuh' are now available exclusively on Spotify for binge listening. The show has been released in nine different languages throughout the world. The show and the performances are indeed a hit with the crowd. Do not pass it up!

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