5 iOS apps you can get now for free

iOS users can take advantage of these free apps before they go back with their old price tags.

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Apple's partner developers have just turned some of their apps in the App Store as freebies. For iOS users, take advantage of these free apps before they go back with their old price tags.

PhoneBook Pro

After this free download ends, PhoneBook Pro would cost US$1.99. This app allows users to manage contacts to make it more neat and tidy. It can automatically remove duplicate contacts and merge them whenever necessary. Also, it can backup and restore contacts, filter them, and do group chats and messages.

Weather Tunes

Originally priced at US$0.99, Weather Tunes is available for free download, at least for now. This app allows users to create playlists according to current weather conditions to suit the mood. Just select the specific genre, the app generates its own list of songs for users to listen. There are a plenty of songs to choose from 12 different genres. Images also vary on weather conditions. Weather Tunes also lets the user watch YouTube while listening to the music.


Clocked at US$0.99, WeVideo is a video editor that allows users to capture a video, crop it accordingly, and add filters on it. This is a good training ground for those who want to put their video editing skills in practice. For filters, users can create their own or just apply some presets. Thinking about it being so limited, no worries because this app gives users so many options to do some video editing tasks.

Pinball Breaker Forever

Pinball Breaker Forever regularly costs US$0.99. This game's mechanics fuses those of pinball and brick breaking. With a vibe that brings players back to the 80s, this game is just easy to play, but hard to master. Monster-Blocks show up in groups one after the others. They should not reach the bottom of the frame, otherwise, the game is over.


Thinking about learning different languages each day, one step at a time? Wordapp can help users do just that. Regularly priced US$1.99, users looking into learning English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian can rely on this. This works by sending users daily with new words and its origin. It is also accessible through Apple Watch.

This article was first published on June 17, 2017