5 important tips to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing, according to expert David Vatine

David Vatine

5 important tips to succeed in the world of Digital Marketing, according to expert David Vatine.

Marketing in the digital world isn't easy. While there is a huge scope given that today, the entire world is on the internet, to gain the attention of the specific target audience isn't a piece of cake. Your business idea has to be compelling enough to stand out. And if you are someone who is looking at expanding their online business with the help of Digital Marketing, Israel-based expert David Vatine's business tips might sure come in handy.

For those who don't know, David has vast experience in digital marketing and has helped change the status of many small businesses to mega-earning revenue corporations in and around Israel. David's keen interest in the digital world, right from the age of 13, made him the first ever Israeli to ever share a post on Facebook.

"In 2012 I launched with several friends an app called 'Netbus' that launched in locating your bus in real time. The idea was successful but we had very little money for marketing, so I realized I needed an effective and practical marketing strategy that would work and bring in customers. "I use the app from targeted advertising on Facebook and at zero costs. In fact, I was one of the first to post on Facebook in Israel," recalls David. Below listed are 5 important tips by David Vatine to inch closer to success in the Digital Marketing world.

Read as many study materials as you can. Take a course online, get free tutorials on design and marketing. Given that the digital landscape is forever expanding and changing, do whatever it takes to expand your knowledge.

Get an internship. The easiest way to get your hands on the latest tools and marketing trends would be to have the first-hand experience. Once you're done learning the courses, get an internship where you can learn the tricks of the trade.

The idea is to never give up. For those who have no idea about business and marketing, this can be a tough feat to achieve. But don't ever let that bog you down. Keep going, keep learning.

Help a friend or have your social media handle explore marketing. Be it Twitter or Instagram or any other platform, use the tools to make modern marketing and see if you're able to help the business do better.

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