5 dangerous WWE fight moves that could lead you to death if used in real life 


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is one of the most viewed sports across the world. More than a sports event, it is more likely focused on entertainment but there are some unbelievable moves which are life-threatening

Like every other sport, WWE also has its fan base. Millions of viewers watch from their home and some tend to visit the live shows to watch their favourite wrestlers. It should be known that every wrestler has one finishing move to tackle their opponent. The matches that happen in the ring are all scripted before they play, but a single wrong move by any wrestler would cause consequential damage to the player.

Here is the list of five dangerous finishers in WWE:

Tombstone Piledriver: The Undertaker carries the opponent upside-down facing vertically and jumps on his knees by dropping the opponent on his head. But If this move turned wrong or unscripted, the wrestler either ends up with a broken neck or will be paralyzed for a lifetime.

Pedigree: This finisher is also known as double underhook facebuster. Triple H snuggles his opponent's head in between his legs and lands on his knees. Result – The opponent lands on his face first, facing the ground. If the same move is imitated in real life, the person may end his life with a broken nose or a bleeding forehead.

Spear: This is one of the hardcore finishers in WWE. It is used by a couple of superstars, which includes Edge, Big Show, Goldberg and Roman Reigns, who use it as a signature move to win against his opponent. The attacker runs at a full speed and barges his shoulders into the opponent's ribcage or stomach. Result – The opponent lands on his back, hurting his head and ribcage.

Scorpion Deathdrop: This is one of the deadliest finishing moves of Sting in WWE. This move is just like a DDT but what brought this move so much berserk and frenzied to the crowd? Well, firstly the face of the Sting is one reason why people scream and give marks to his aura. Secondly, the baseball bat he carries with him, camouflaged safely in the closet of his big jacket. Okay, now coming to the final touch, the finishing move looks like the inverted DDT where the opponent lands on his head. If the same move is imitated in real life, the person ends with a major contusion at the back of the head.

Punt Kick: The viper earlier used this move to strike the opponent down. It is considered to be one of the lethal finishers in WWE. This move is already banned from WWE as well because it could cause a detriment injury to the head of the opponents. The opponent will be down on his knees facing his head towards the ground. Randy Orton used this move while running towards the opponent in full speed and kicks him in the head. The opponent lands on the ground in comatose, or unconscious till he is treated. If the same move is imitated in real life, the person ends up losing the eye or cause some severe destruction to the brain, leading to nervous failure or breakdown.

This article was first published on September 25, 2019