5 best iOS apps you might need on your iPhone X

IBTimes Singapore lists five iOS apps designed for iPhone X, from a notch remover to an AR-capable shopping app.

Apple's most promising and most expensive smartphone in history, the iPhone X, is a powerful device that allows you to perform almost every kind of task. With the help of some apps, the phone could become a force of nature.

IBTimes Singapore has listed some amazing iOS apps that you can take advantage of on your iPhone X. From a notch remover to an AR-capable shopping app, here are five best iOS apps you might want to try on your iPhone X:

Focos (Free)

An app designed for smartphones with dual camera, Focos offers iPhone X owners a unique way to play with their devices. With its large aperture and straight-from-camera bokeh effect, this gives both professional and nonprofessional photographers DSLR-like results for their photos. More than the stunning depth of field it brings, this app also has a couple of other abilities on its sleeve.

Download Focos from the App Store.

Notcho (Free)

The usability and design efficiency of the iPhone X screen notch has been widely debated in the community. Some like it, others don't. Those who wish to have it removed can use the Notcho app to ditch that notch by creating wallpapers that hide it.

Download Notcho from the App Store.

Notch Remover (US$0.99)

If Notcho doesn't sound totally appealing to you and you'd be willing to spend a dollar, the Notch Remover app is for you. It removes the notch from the status bar by modifying your wallpaper, adding a black bar to it.

Get Notch Remover from the App Store.

Holo (Free)

Optimised for iOS 11 with ARKit, developer i8 boasts Holo to be the first app that allows users to move around 3D holograms of people. The ability to interact with them makes it all the more a wonderful way to craft content and share stories in augmented reality.

Download Holo from the App Store.

Overstock (Free)

Shopping is made a lot more convenient and masterful with Overstock. The popular online retailer's official iOS app now supports augmented reality, allowing potential buyers to visualise products in their current room's design and flow.

Download Overstock from the App Store.

Enjoy these apps on your iPhone X now!