5.5 magnitude earthquake hits San Diego county as people experience tremors

Southeast region of San Diego County experienced 5.5 magnitude earthquake just days after the national earthquake engineering conference held here

An earthquake of 5.5 magnitude was experienced by the people of southeast San Diego on Friday night. No casualty or damage to property has been reported so far. Earlier, the reports claimed that tremors were felt near Alberto Oviedo Mota, near Mexicali, Mexico. But later the US Geological Survey (USGS) made changes to the location of the earthquake and stated that it occurred near Coahuila, BC approximately 166.9 miles southeast of San Diego.

Netizens react

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People of San Diego reacted to the same and shared their experiences on social media including Twitter. People even posted videos of slight tremors. One Twitter user wrote that "Earthquake felt in San Diego. 5.5 in the same place the 7.2 Easter 2010 earthquake occurred. Hopefully theres no bigger ones."

One more user wrote: "Felt it at carte hotel on the 15th floor San Diego. I had just had a cocktail and was like damn I must slow down...I must be tipsy Woozy face the." Another user wrote: "Was just at an earthquake engineering conference this week and I just felt my first earthquake! In San Diego, California."

National Earthquake Conference was held in San Diego

The National Earthquake Conference was held from March 4 to 6 in San Diego. It is an Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's annual meeting. The agenda for this year's meet was releasing the results of a new earthquake scenario and risk study for the San Diego-Tijuana region.

The scenario was formed after studying various related factors for five years. It showed the impacts and consequences of a potential M6.9 earthquake on the Rose Canyon fault that runs through the San Diego harbour. However, no one then predicted that San Diego will experience tremors shortly after the annual meet.

However, the study said that an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude or more will surely cause widespread damage. It also said that about 120,000 buildings might be severely damaged that could lead to losses worth $38 billion.

Among the minor earthquakes, where tremors are not felt, according to Earthquake track of United States, Inyokern, California recorded that 3.4 magnitudes of, 2 km depth on Friday. The other lesser magnitude earthquakes include 1.5 magnitude, 31 km depth at Valdez, Alaska; 2.2 magnitude at Greenfield, California; 1.8 magnitude, 35 km depth at Pahal in Hawaii.