4Chan Hacker Outsmarted 'Foolish' Hunter Biden, Using Specific Tool to Recover Files from Apple Cloud Backup Site

Using a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor, the anonymous 4Chan hacker outsmarted Hunter Biden by getting an easy access to his personal information from Apple Cloud's backup site.

The leaks went viral on 4Chan which claims to have an access to more files that have huge amount of personal data of Hunter Biden.

The latest updates have created a furor on social media as the followers have flooded all the platforms with queries looking for answers.

Hunter Biden

Did Hunter Use a Weak Password?

It is being said that the particular 4Chan user must have figured out Hunter's iCloud account and hacked into it by guessing the password. Some social media users taking a jibe at Hunter stated that he was outsmarted by the hacker. They even called him "idiotic" and "foolish" for using a weak password.

At the same time people are asking for explanations from Apple to give the details and clarification on the issue.

A report published by Vice clearly states that a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor, which, according to the tool's official website, allows for the recovery of "lost iPhone messages, photos, calendars, contacts, notes, locations and data from iPhone backups and iCloud.

The report further states the hacker could have explored the contents of Hunter's iPhone and iPad using the tool and downloaded the requisite data.

It is rather surprising that tool's official website also has a video that shows how the tool works.

Expressing his views, a Twitter user wrote, "A #4chan user hacked into Hunter Biden's iCloud account and downloaded gigabytes of criminal and incriminating material against Hunter and Joe Biden. The FBI: We will bring that hacker to justice!!"

"Doesn't Apple need to do a press release? How does #HunterBiden 's iCloud get hacked, and $AAPL doesn't acknowledge it ?" tweeted a user.

Another Twitter user stated, "Don't be distracted. Hunter Biden (Joe Bidens son) had his iCloud hacked and a bunch of pictures and videos were leaked. He had CP and had Joe Biden saved as Ped0 Pete. Stay woke fam."

"#HunterBiden #iCloud was not hacked. Hunter Biden clicked a phishing link believing he needed to change his password to protect the contents. Lesson, do not click on suspicious links. Apple won't even give the FBI terrorist info," read a tweet.