4000-year-old unusual human shaped stone carvings unearthed in prehistoric Orkneyd

The mysterious objects, which are almost 4,000 years old, stand about 20 inches tall and appear to have shoulders, a neck, and a head

This mysterious world has several unknown and bizarre facts that are still unexplained. A recent discovery of human-like stones is one of those mysteries which stunned the archaeology world. This time these unusual 4000-year-old stones were unearthed near the center of Orkney's main island, an archipelago off the coast of Scotland.

From the prehistoric Orkney site, the team of archaeologists found nine mysterious stone-curved objects, about 1.6 feet tall which look like human figures, with large bodies, distinct necks and heads. The team of researchers also found that the ancient inhabitants of that area worked in the land about 4000-years ago as they noticed long crisscrossing marks in a nearby trench.

Ard point marks, Finstown, Orkney.
Ard point marks, Finstown, Orkney. ORCA Archaeology

Mysterious finding at Orkney

The team of archaeologists found the mysterious carved stones inside a structure, which is a kind of box-shaped burial structure. As per the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) the experts found the stones in the settlement of Finstown while exploring an area designated for an electrical substation. The team found a single stone structure which they nicknamed as "Finstown Fella" and later they discovered eight other stone figures from the same hearth.

For the archaeologists, the purpose of the building wasn't clear, but they believe that the discovered curved objects have specific significance and that is why they were incorporated in the structure of one of the hearths as well as for the foundation for one of the standing stones.

One of the figurines unearthed at Finstown, Orkney after cleaning
One of the figurines unearthed at Finstown, Orkney after cleaning Orkney.com

Some stones used as weights

There are some stone objects which are flat and look more like upright stones used as weights. In a statement, ORCA mentioned that these weights could have anchored ropes that helped hold up the roof of the building.

Colin Richards from the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute stated: "It is very rare to find representations of people in prehistoric Orkney and when found, they are usually individual or in very small groups. If they are figurines, to find nine figures within one structure is very exciting."

Stone figures

The archaeologists are confused about the stone figured as they are still trying to find out answers for whether these stones which date back to 2000 BC were deliberately made to resemble humans or were just shaped that way for a different purpose.

After analyzing these objects, they understood that the creators of these stone figures used a technique called pecking, which involves chipping the stone with a pointed tool, to give them human-like shapes reflecting head, shoulders and body.

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