4 Singapore students arrested in Taiwan for raping 2 local women

Authorities say if convicted, three of them could face a maximum of 10 years in jail while the other one is out on bail.

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A police officer arrests the molester Reuters

Four Singaporeans, who are said to be students, were arrested in Taiwan on Tuesday for allegedly raping two Taiwanese women.

According to reports, four of them, all aged 23, had travelled to Taiwan last week for holiday where they met those two local women. They invited the women to their hotel and allegedly get them drunk before raping them.

A spokesman for the Shilin District Prosecutors Office said the four men tried to leave Taiwan on Dec 13, after committing the crime, but they failed to do so. The police arrested them before they could leave.

Three of them have been charged with rape but another one was allowed bail of NT$15,000 (S$673.50) as the women said he did not participate in the rape. Authorities said if convicted, those three could face a maximum of 10 years in jail.