34-year-old cancer survivor dies of Coronavirus after visit to Disney World in Florida

34-year old Jeffrey Ghazarian died of Covid-19 two weeks after he visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida

On Thursday (March 19), 34-year Jeffrey Ghazarian, who battled cancer, died of Covid-19. Although the disease turns fatal among those above 65 years of age, the 34-year old's underlying health issues made him succumb to the novel coronavirus. "He suffered a lot and put up a good fight. We will miss our Jeff everyday but we are thankful for all the fun happy memories of the times we had together", his sister commented, TMZ reported.

Jefferey Ghazarian's health deteriorates: a timeline

Disney World
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According to his family, Jefferey flew from Los Angeles to Orlando for a conference on March 2. He decided to stay there for a few days and decided to visit Disney World and Universal theme parks with friends. On March 7, he developed cough and the next day, he coughed up blood.

On March 9, he flew back to Los Angeles and immediately headed to ER. He developed high fever and his chest X-Ray confirmed that he had developed pneumonia. He was sent back home, with some fluids and anti-biotics and was told to self-quarantine.

Anti-viral drugs delayed

On March 13, he tested positive for Covid-19, after which he was provided a portable oxygen meter to keep an eye on his levels. His condition deteriorated that afternoon.

On March 14, he was rushed to the ICU, where it was discovered that 60-70% of his lungs were blocked with pneumonia.

Anti-viral drugs were to be given to him, but their delivery was delayed and the drugs never reached him. After surviving five days on a ventilator, Jeffery died at the Pasadena hospital, on Thursday morning.

A high-risk patient

He was a high-risk patient, who suffered from asthma, childhood bronchitis, and testicular cancer, which he defeated in 2016.

As on Friday (March 20), the number of Covid-19 cases have reached 14,366 in the United States, along with 217 fatalities.

On Friday, California's Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state-wide lock-down, after experts predicted that 56% of state's 40 million population, are expected to contract Covid-19.

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