32-year-old Singaporean charged for assaulting and abusing police officers

Ganesh Valas Supa Maniam was charged with six offenses which include assault and abusing a public servant

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A 32-year-old Singaporean man was prosecuted on charges that he had abused and assaulted three police officers who were on duty.

The incident happened at Block 326 Serangoon Ave 3 on September 26, 2016, when Ganesh Valas Supa Maniam stood in the middle of a road and disrupted the traffic flow. As the traffic was blocked, police officers repeatedly warned Ganesh to move on. But Ganesh not only defied their warning but also hurled abuses at them, resulting in his arrest.

Multifarious charges imposed

The prosecution has imposed multifarious charges on Ganesh which includes three counts of physical assault, two counts of using foul language at a government servant who was on duty, and one count for disorderly behavior. He was not accompanied by a lawyer when he was presented before the court on Monday, October 23.

According to the prosecution, Ganesh used vulgar language on an Inspector ranked police officer. Later, he swung his hand at the cheek of a sergeant and also slapped the third officer who was standing nearby.

If the court finds him guilty of disorderly behavior, then he will get a jail sentence not exceeding six months, and a maximum fine of S$2000. However, assaulting a public servant is a more serious charge, and entails punishment for up to four years of jail sentence along with fine.

This is not the first time that Ganesh is getting charged for abusing police officers. In 2012, Ganesh was convicted for hurling abusive language on a police officer. As a similar charge has been imposed on Ganesh again, it may fetch him S$10,000 fine and a jail sentence up to two years.

The next hearing of this case is scheduled on November 06.

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