3 Things to Learn from the Uber Talented, Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher

Whenever you want to learn something, you seek help from the experts. They have the keys to make your journey easier and shorter. If you want to learn about getting successful in the e-commerce industry, who can help you better than Matthew Gallagher, the man behind the first of its kind watch business named Watch Gang. He has his tips on venturing into any kind of business and the mindset you must adopt to make your venture more profitable.

Do not compromise on community building

Whatever you start, remember to never compromise on community building. Your clients are part of your community. Make sure there is positive interaction between your members to make them feel they belong in it. Matthew leads his member's Facebook group and the group has become so strong and well connected that at times of need, the group helps each other through tough and rocky situations.

Help consumers understand your value

Helping consumers understand your brand value is important. Your value proposition must communicate effectively and efficiently. What you sell must be delivered and all promises you make must be held sacred.

Act like a human

Matthew believes overcommitting to customer service and transparency can never go wrong. Make your brand relatable, instead of acquiring exclusivity and aloofness. Take care of your team and allow them to have the freedom to live a great life. Work need not be the center of anyone's life, not even yours. Be a fair and mellow leader and always act human.

Matthew Gallagher is the master of these three tips that have helped him establish a great work environment, playful yet professional team and a rocking company that is setting new records each day. Apart from this, he never forgets to take part in humanitarian activities like fundraising for hurricane affectees, connecting with non-profit organizations to promote self-sufficiency in homeless individuals and also create awareness about autism. He is a firm believer in giving back to the society that has given him his life and surely does that remarkably each day.