3 Men with Zip Ties Threaten Arizona Principal with Death Threats Over Covid Rules

An Arizona principal has claimed that after telling a student to quarantine following Covid-19 exposure, she was approached by three men, one carrying zip ties.

According to reports, a parent named Rishi Rambaran and two friends marched into the Mesquite Elementary School on Thursday and attempted to arrest the principal Diane Vargo after Rambaran's son was asked to mask up and quarantine, due to possible exposure to Covid-19. The principal said she received a death threat immediately after the encounter.

Arizona school principal
On the extreme left is Mesquite Elementary School Principal in Arizona Diane Vargo and on the extreme right is Rishi Rambaran, whose son had to quarantine following Covid-19 exposure Twitter/ Daily Mail Online

'The Next Time It Will Be a Barrel Pointed at Your Nazi Face'

In an interview with KOLD.com, Vargo read the disturbing email on camera which said: "The next time it will be a barrel pointed at your Nazi face. Following the guidance you say? The Nazis were just following orders too. Guess we will have to see what side you choose. The Americans or the Nazis. Remember, Tucson is a small community and you have a target on your back for enforcing unlawful orders." However, it is unclear who sent the email.

The Men Who Wished to Target the Principal Had Military, Large, Black Zip Ties

The incident unfolded after the aggressive father barged into Vargo's office accompanied by two men, who she claims were holding "military, large, black zip ties and standing in my doorway."

Video footage of the alleged incident shows one of the men, who says he is not the father of the student in question, accusing the school staff of "bullying children and families," according to HuffPost.

Arizona school principal
3 men went into Arizona school principal's office to make a citizens arrest because she insisted one of their children wear a mask. Twitter

"What's happening is wrong, and we're not going to have this in our community," the man says in the clip. "We do not tolerate law breakers who are going to bully their own people, make kids feel like they're criminals, quarantine and isolate kids that aren't sick."

Tucson police told NBC News in an email that police went to the school because 'of a fight brewing' and that Rambaran was arrested for trespassing.

Following Covid-19 Protocols Can Lead to Death Threats?

In an interview with KGUN9, Vargo said she felt 'scared' and 'violated.'

'I asked them to leave and they would not,' she said.

'In order for our school to remain open, we have to follow Pima County Health Department. I tried to explain that. He didn't want to hear it.'

The previous week, Vargo had asked Rambaran's son, to be put in quarantine — which would make him miss a field trip. The child was reportedly pulled from class and taken to the nurse's station and made to wear a mask, according to MEAWW.

The aggressive father on the other hand claimed that his son was forced to take the mask out of a garbage can and wear it after he threw it in. "I am going to file charges against them," he said, before entering into the school while his friend live-streamed the incident.

Social Media Reactions

Many netizens have termed this incident as disgraceful and asked why the other two men were not arrested. One Twitter user said, "This is absolutely abhorrent. Seriously WTF is wrong with these people? #covidiots"

Another said, "The @GOP Trump supporters running around thinking they can make citizen's arrests & otherwise take the law into their own hands are dangerous to all normal Americans and should receive maximum sentences.

One comment read, "The principal is trying to protect her students' health. How are health precautions seen as so threatening? A trespassing charge is a complete joke."