3 Leaders Who Are Innovating the Media Landscape

The Diary of a CEO

"My success isn't a result of arrogance it's a result of self-belief," reads a legend underneath a Conor McGregor painting in Steven Bartlett's London penthouse flat. Bartlett is the 30-year-old lead in the ultra-popular 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast.

The Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett pulls in over 6.6 million streams monthly. Moreover, his digital program generates an annual £1 million advertising revenue. The podcast, however, is not Bartlett's first success story.

He is the brain behind Social Chain, a social media-based marketing agency. He launched Social Chain in 2014. Five years later, in 2019, Social Chain went public at a £160 million valuation.
The social media mogul and university dropout left Social Chain in 2020, joining BBC's Dragons' Den as its youngest dragon in the show's history. Bartlett says that insecurity was his biggest motivator at the start of his entrepreneurship journey.

The pain of growing up as a less privileged person of color in UK's Plymouth drove his media landscape transformation journey, first co-founding advertising platform Wallpark, then moving on to Social Chain.

He launched the Diary of a CEO in 2017 and later wrote Happy Sexy Millionaire in 2021. In 2021, he and Furqan Rydhan launched Third web. The third web is building an infrastructure layer that supports decentralized web application development.

It has just raised $24 million in a funding deal led by Haun Ventures. Serial entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuck have also participated in the blockchain technology platform's earlier seed rounds. Bartlett, now 30, says that with the benefit of hindsight, continuous self-improvement, not just self-confidence, is the key to success.

Omri Hurwitz, founder Omri Hurwitz Media would agree with this sentiment. Hurwitz elevates the firepower of strategy and action above other traits. "If you work with me, you know I put more emphasis on tactics than strategy. Listen, strategy is essential. Very essential. But what moves the needle are tactics, execution, and taking lots of action. By taking lots of action, you gain lots of experience, and this leads you to call more effective shots on the go", writes Hurwitz.

Omri Hurwitz is a tech marketer whose client portfolio has some of the most influential tech startups. Hurwitz began his PR career in the travel industry. However, he learned that traditional PR practices are outdated, and was looking for a better way to do PR.

While labeling and building a modern PR approach, he launched a podcast and a results-driven Tech PR agency. Omri Hurwitz Media creates newsworthy PR storylines such as deep tech and thought leadership content among viral funding and product announcements.

His content creation experience at leading digital media channels such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Benzinga, The Times of Israel, and Hackernoon has perfected his writing, storytelling, communication, and expertise in the PR sector, making him a leader and innovator in the PR scene.

Morgan Martins is the 2022, Top Women in Media and AdTech Honoree. This award pays homage to women across North America who have had a profound positive impact on their brands or the media industry.

At the time of the award, Martins was Head of Marketing at Confiat, an Ad security and quality platform. However, the communications surveillance platform VoxSmart Ltd recently announced her as their Chief Marketing Officer.

Martins has over two decades of experience developing integrated marketing programs for Tech space startups. In addition, she has matchless strategic marketing, social media campaigns, PR, and cultural communications experience.

Over and above that, she is a marketing op, training, and sales enablement guru. Martins says of her new appointment, "I am already relishing the chance to bring my storytelling experience to a firm with such a strong story to tell. The global reach of the business, combined with VoxSmart's position as one of the rising stars of RegTech, combined to make this a unique opportunity."