3 Growth Hacks To Invest In Africa By Expert Amne Suedi

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Amne Seudi

Investment Advisor and Entrepreneur Amne Suedi shares insights on how Africa is a place of opportunity and a real investment destination option.

Africa is one of the most profitable regions when it comes to investment. The continent's economic growth prospects are tremendous. Sectors like banking, telecommunications and infrastructure, being the drivers of comparative advantage, are considered the reason behind current economic growth in Africa.

Amne Suedi, a well-known Africa-based female entrepreneur with a background as a lawyer and investment expert, helps foreign investors learn where and how to invest in Africa. Amne is at the helm of a one-stop boutique advisory firm, Shikana Group that specializes in investments in East Africa. She has been working with international organizations, multinational companies, and SMEs for many years, giving them investment advice, business setup support and more. Amne lists out the top three tips that you should remember when planning to invest in Africa.

Investing In Africa - Things To Remember

1. Having a growing youth population, Africa's structural economy makes it a potential growth market. Amne believes that labour-intensive industrialization can far outweigh the cost of business performed in other continents. This can lead to the engagement of more foreign companies looking for cost-effective labour. This, in turn, can increase wage rates of Africa along with efficiency in the labour market.

2. Agricultural and extractive sectors form the roots of any national or global economy. Africa hosts 60% of the world's uncultivated arable land. Amne believes that investing in commodities like oil, natural gas, diamond, cobalt and platinum can promise a bright future for developing the economic continent and give your investments a right path to growth.

3. Africa, being an emerging continent, has begun the economic transformation agenda. Some of the highlights of this shift include investment opportunities in sectors of macroeconomic prudence helping in mitigation of risks so perceived.

4. Africa is one of those places that attracts foreign direct investments from around the globe. As you find many reasons to invest your money in Africa, you may have to better know how to tackle the rules and regulations of each region in the continent. Having guidance and professional investment advisory can help you sail through all the business setup and licensing processes. Amne recommends relying on an advisor to channelize your funds in the right place and right projects.

5. The key to boosting investment – and enabling African countries to make the most of their opportunities – is investing in infrastructure. Needless to say, such investments are the best bets in growing economies!

The Best Time To Invest In Africa Is Now: Amne Suedi

You can expect to generate a handsome revenue and profitable business by investing in Africa. Amne suggests, all you need is to have a financial plan that has clear goals. Take into account the risks involved, review the different investment strategies and options available. As the technology sector evolves, the African continent is now becoming an ever-expanding hub of all industrial and commercial activities. Investing now, with some mentoring can go a long way in the future, shares Amne. Mentoring is a great way to spend more time studying and understanding the markets and investing cautiously.

What's more, Amne is all set to open up her new jewelry and gemstone business 'Zambarau' soon. Her company Shikana Group is also planning to invest in some business opportunities while also investing in the technology education space.

This article was first published on September 14, 2021