3 bizarre flying objects spotted on ISS live feed (VIDEO)

UFO seen from ISS
Videograb of three UFOs seen from ISS (ISS) Youtube

A video uploaded to YouTube by a user named MrMBB333 is now the hottest point of debate among alien enthusiasts and UFO buffs. The video is reportedly recorded from the live feed of the International Space Station on March 17, 2018, and it clearly features three unidentified flying objects visible over western Australia.

As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists started claiming that this is an authentic proof of alien life.

Three weird crafts hovering above western Australia

Interestingly, as the ISS approached the object, it suddenly disappeared from the scene. Conspiracy theorists claim that these objects might be alien spaceships harnessing water from our clouds using tractor beams. However, some experts believe that these objects are merely tinted fogs and that there is nothing extraterrestrial about it.

"A very obvious group of some sort of ships or crafts were visible from the ISS on March 17, holding steading high above the Earth. As the ISS moved closer in the direction of these ships they disappeared," posted the narrator of the video in the description section.

In the video, the narrator said that once he spotted the object, he quickly recorded it, as there were many previous instances where the ISS cut off the live feed whenever such objects appear.

Another user on YouTube, Xavier Perkins, was quick to connect the sighting to the arrival of Nibiru. He also claimed that elite personalities will escape from the earth before the rogue planet hits us, obviously referring to Stephen Hawking's demise recently.

"The Annunaki ships are here! I keep telling people that Nibiru is close to earth. Cognitive dissonance is so widespread that most people don't believe it. They will say its project blue beam or the ISS is fake or that the earth has an impenetrable dome. These idiots hopefully will be first to go when the apocalypse happens," posted Xavier.

Is ISS covering up the existence of alien life?

Conspiracy theorists all around the world have been accusing astronauts in the ISS for covering up the existence of alien life for many years. In January 2018, conspiracy theorists have spotted a giant object more than 100 miles long in the ISS live feed. But soon after the object appeared on the screen, the live feed was censored.

People who tried to access the live feed after this sighting got the following message: "The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station" and soon their screens were blank.

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